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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Simple Surprises Are Fun

But 100 degree weather today was not so much fun. The forecast is for three days of very hot temperatures. Unfortunately, this evenings TV news reported that a wildfire is in our county for the first time this year. A fast moving fire started at about 3:30 P.M. in the next county over and has now extended into our county. Pray for the animals, fire fighters and all involved in fighting another of these horrible fires.
For a couple weeks I have wondered who lives down this hole. I see no nibbles on my plants. The hole is near a very tasty miniature gardenia and a few other tasty plantings. I googled what I knew about the hole! And, I was thinking it might be a vole. And, I faintly remember something about a toad.  And, then one day I was watering and I did not avoid watering the hole. In fact, I actually watered down into the hole thinking that might bring out the inhabitant! I went about my work and a little later I saw from a distance what I thought was a rock in the vicinity of where the hole is. And, to my surprise, Look who came up to look around.
Then he came out further to introduce himself. His name is Fred. He stayed for quite awhile and looked around. I think he approved of what he saw!
My garden has not had the attention that it needs during the past five years while I was in a relationship with a man who was not interested in gardening or house maintenance. But, he loved to play and be out and about. So, I did many things and went many places because he could afford it. If you read my other blogs (listed on my profile page) you will see lots about our travels. My dear friend passed away last December.

At the beginning of the growing season my roses were in bad condition from some insects. I sprayed and there was no change. The leaves were falling off starting from the bottom and the rose plants looked like they might die. Again, I went to google to see what I could find about my dilemma. I learned that the problem was probably in the soil and migrates up the rose. I do not remember the name of the problem invader. However, I was able to find a liquid product that took care of the problem. LOOK at this rose and rose bush. The photo was taken today. I have two rose bushes that are still blooming!
There are several more buds on the bush. So, I will be able to enjoy more roses.
My fig tree produced a lot of figs and they are very sweet. Even though it produced probably at least 100 figs I did not make any interesting recipe to share. Since I am outside about two hours each day I enjoyed the figs by hand eating. I usually eat about three figs each day. Sooooo Goooood!
Now, are you ready for my biggest SURPRISE. I bought some gladiola bulbs and did not get them planted right away. I did not know if they would grow. Thru some of them out. And, I certainly did not think they would bloom the year. Look at this BEAUTY!
These are all white and I planted them near my other white flowers. I also planted about the same amount of pastel gladiolas in another location and they are starting to bloom. No actual open flowers yet.
On the next photo - can you see the white flower starting to bloom on the top of the fence in the far left upper corner of the photo? Oh, and you can see the gladiola plants at the bottom of the photo.
This is  Sweet Autumn Clematis. It is a vigorous grower with fragrant white flowers that start to bloom in late summer. It is so nice to look forward to this beautiful flower that will cover my fence in the corner or the White Garden! I will take another photo when it completely covers the top of the fence and falls down like a vail.
So there you are. I hope you enjoyed my surprises in my own garden. The gladiolas are my favorite. 

And, this is my little sweetheart, Lily keeping and eye on her surroundings. She is my protector! Her health seems to be quite stable. It is over a year since she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Disease. She is on quite a few medications $$$. And, when she goes to the Vet it is some more $$$. But, no matter what, I will find the $$$ to provide for her. She is 10 years old and still plays with her toys every day and loves to be outside with me every day.

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