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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside

And, the electrical central heat is running continually. So, it is time to turn on the pilot light of the propane fireplace because I believe it is less expensive to heat the house.
And I sure want to keep my Little Snuggle Bug warm enough. She just came in from being outdoors and I haven't taken her little pink hoodie off yet. She went straight to the fireplace. It is such a good and cozy place to be on a cold evening.

Ever since I replaced my wood burning stove about ten years ago I have been so very happy with the propane heat in the wintertime. The house warms up in no time at all. It has a blower and thermostat control which I am very happy about purchasing extra.

I always enjoyed having a fireplace and the smell of the wood burning. But, I do not miss the buying, stacking, carrying of the wood and then the cleaning and disposing of the wood ash. I am happy that I no longer contribute to the threatened air quality. There are still a lot of people that use wood in their fireplaces here in the mountains. I have full understanding because it is less expensive. Installation of the propane line and new fireplace can be costly.

I refinanced my mortgage several years back so I could afford some upgrades of this 1972 built house. It is a very good house, well built, great location and "has good bones" as they used to say! I certainly do not live in a fancy home but it sure is cozy. I am truly blessed to have had the foresight in buying this house 22 years ago. And, most importantly - - - staying put. I have lived in this home longer than any other place. After having to rent and live many places in over twenty years prior I am truly blessed. It certainly was a challenge to save for the down payment but the rewards and return on the money has been unmeasurable!

HOME SWEET HOME - - - Winter 2013

I hope you are staying warm, cozy and dry.


I Think I Got Bumped To The Bottom

I Think I Got Bumped To The Bottom
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