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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Lily's Christmas Flashback 2009 And Health Update

My little love bug, Lily went to see Santa when she was four years old.  Her eyes are big because the room was filled with all sizes of dogs and there was even a miniature horse.  I miss Lily so much but it is great having the memories of lots of fun and lots of love she always gave. 
My goings out and about is very little this Holiday season primarily because of my continuous back and leg pain.  I saw the doctor today and he ordered the MRI as I requested.  But questioned if the insurance will authorize the test prior to me receiving Physical Therapy first.  I have never been refused any diagnostics in the past.  So, let's hope that I can get the MRI before the end of the year prior to my new insurance plan starting.  The new plan may have different requirements for authorization.

Additionally, at my request, the doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication.  The prescribed strength is higher than what I can get "over the counter".  I  was on the medication for many years in the past and it was effective.  They warn about taking it for a long time because of  the possibility of kidney and liver damage.  I have been lucky because my lab reports have always been within normal limits.  Be assured I will be sure to follow the lab work carefully.  The doctor was very thorough in examining me in regards to the extent of my pain.  My next doctor appointment is in a month.

I can hardly tell you how much , at a time like this,  I value my medical background as a Nurse.  And, also my experience  (out of necessity)  in having to fight  negotiate my own battles.  I may really need both of those strengths in the near future in order to receive the appropriate medical care.

I hope all of you are enjoying Holiday Festivities.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Autumn Tribute To My Fisherman - Tablescape

I thought it would be nice to share a Tablescape from the past that I enjoyed creating for My Special Man a few years ago prior to his passing.  I have missed creating Tablescapes for us.  Perhaps, in the coming months I will become motivated especially since my many hours in the garden will not be necessary.

This is a Tablescape in recognition of my Special Friend and his devotion to me and his love of fishing. Again, I have had fun creating this table design by looking for interesting dishes that work with the fun items that I already have around the house or in my garage. There are so many items that work well with the theme of Autumn and the hobby of  Fishing.

My inspiration and starting point was this Mary Lake Thompson designed Fishing Creel dinner napkin that I found at a little gift shop. I enjoy the detail of her work.

There were a lot of items that I easily found that became a part of this tablescape. The Yellow Flatware has been in my picnic basket since the 70's. The dimensional brown leaf bowls jumped off a store shelf at reduced 50%, and that was after I thought I was finished! What can be easier than picking up pine cones from my driveway that have fallen from my pine tree. And, the lemons are from a bowl of lemons I keep on my kitchen counter.  And, then we have little guys with smiley faces that blend nice with the color scheme.   Salt anyone - Pepper anyone?

I had a nice surprise in my picnic basket when I saw my small Parquet Teak round cutting board by Dansk that I picked up from somewhere in the 70's, probably a yard sale. It's a very inventive design with a knife that slides into the side of the board. One side of the board is flat for cutting cheese and the other side is concave for cutting lemons/limes so the juice stays on the board - not on the table.

The woven brown and black wedge place mats are from Bed, Bath and Beyond, years ago. Maybe a dollar each!  The place mats were placed on a Burlap tablecloth followed by heavy Koyo Stone Ware brown/cream dinner plates that have a masculine presence.

My focus plate is the salad plate from Rivers Edge with a beautiful large trout encircled with a fishing rod and real.

The brown stemmed Glassware and candle sticks are from a nearby Thrift Store. Votives are from Dollar Store. Wine caddy is from my garage!

And, there must be a fishing Creel and fishing Reel thanks to Ebay.

Now, the Piece de resistance - a vintage amber cod-liver-oil bottle with the embossed image of a fisherman carrying a large fish.

It's just something a little different and adds a little whimsy!  The bottle is something I had in the garage that I picked up years ago at a yard sale. There are a lot of "bottle collectors" out there. Who would have thought that I would use the Cod-Liver-Oil Bottle some day in a Tablescape?

Can you see the fisherman embossed on the bottle?

And now for a little trivia about these Vintage Amber Bottles(Source)   "The man stoops forward, glances out from under the brim of his hat, legs braced under the weight of his load. A thick rope, wrapped around his waist, shoulders, and hands, secures the load on his back—a huge fish with gaping mouth and glassy yellow eye, its tail sweeping the ground. A common codfish, the Gadus morhua is recognizable by the brown and amber spots on its body, the light stripe down its side, and the three dorsal fins. The man has few identifying features, but the words “SCOTT’S EMULSION” appear along the hem of his jacket."

"By 1900 'the man with the fish' was famous. His image was engraved and embossed on countless boxes and bottles of a cod-liver-oil preparation; printed in full color on advertising trade cards, booklets, and posters distributed around the globe; and in one instance painted several stories high on the side of a building in lower Manhattan. The man with the fish endures today, a testament to the persistence of an age-old tradition, even as scientific and commercial interest in cod-liver oil has waxed and waned."

I am thinking a nice autumn dinner of Sweet Spicy Country Style Pork Ribs and Beans along with some Crusty Bread. Some kind of a salad and maybe some homemade Spiced Pumpkin Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

I believe the table looks quite lovely.   And, the dinner was great.

I was amused with a definition of Tablescaping that I recently read. It was something like - Tablescaping is an event where grownups play with dishes and then take photos of what they have created to post on their blogs. Don't you just love it?

I wrote in an earlier post about how my love of dishes started when I was a very little girl. I guess some of us just never grow out of it! 

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my Tablescape from the past with me.  I really miss My Special Man.  But, I am thankful that he does not have to live through the horrible world events of the recent past.  Blessings to all.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Are You Ready

For the Easter Bunny?          Can you wiggle your tail?

A very simple Easter Meal from a few years past.

As I recall, it was very yummy.           And, this was desert.                                     It was very good, too.

Today was a gorgeous day and I was able to do quite a lot of clean up in the garden. And, I was able to get my purple petunias planted at the edge of the Iris flowerbed. I am not sure if the iris in the new bed will bloom this year but they certainly look healthy. However, there are three different iris plants (orange rust, lavender and white) in other parts of the garden that getting ready to open. This has got to be one of the most fun years in the garden because the rains brought such beautiful results.

Tomorrow on Easter we are suppose to have rain during the day. Hopefully, all the Easter Egg Hunts will be over before the rain drops start to fall.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Sky Is Falling

WELL, Not quite - but that may be next. For the last few weeks, no make that months, numerous things around my house have decided that they have fulfilled their duties and have simply refused to work any longer. (I would like to try that - Yes, I'll have some lemonade, please!) Anyway, this phenomenon started rather slowly but with rather large expensive characters.  I tried to explain that my budget has strict perimeters and everyone must behave. But, that was to no avail!

It must be over six months ago - yes, that long ago, that the over-the-stove microwave started talking back at me. Well, that was short lived and it simply quit. Gee, thanks! Shortly thereafter the garbage disposal presented me with lots of water running on my shoes at the front of the sink. Oh, that's just great. Well, really, it had served me well and the bottom was totally rusted out. OK, these are two pretty big items to hassle with. But, in my typical fashion I proceeded to start researching models and price in preparation to purchase. The items arrived quickly but installation is almost a bigger problem for me than finding a way to purchase.  I had a handyman's name but by the time I got in the mode to call him, he had moved.

My life has changed so drastically in the recent past that I feel like I am living my life with Training Wheels. So many people that I knew are no longer around and I have not attended church in a very long time.  In my opinion the church experience has changed dramatically in all respects and no longer brings me the comfort of the past. Lovingly, the pastor is always available for me. Tears are my constant companion always perched so close to rolling downward. And, I terribly miss My Special Man and especially my Precious Lily and also some very close Gal Friends. And, the topic of family MAY be a post some day soon. It "ain't pretty".  

Alright now, I have learned to be a champion of my own little abode fixing things as the need arises by reading, asking questions and using Google. However, as my physical health (oh, probably, mental too) has deteriorated I really, really, really really, really want to have the luxury of calling a professional. I would sure like to try a life where all I would have to do is delegate! 

About six weeks ago, the dishwasher that has never given me a second of trouble started to leave the dishes unclean and I started to think, oh NOT that too. After some research I learned that the garbage disposal may be the issue associated with the plumbing network under the sink and interfering with the performance of the dishwasher.  Soooooo, after some more research I decided that I would (Yes, ME) install the garbage disposal myself! The new one is the same brand and model, so I thought that should make the job a little easier. Well, I am proud to say that I now have a nice functioning garbage disposal - and - dishwasher. Boy oh boy, I must be more tenacious than I realized. That was one of the hardest (they are heavy) and complicated (under the sink) repairs/installations that I have ever done. I will spare you the details.

That was just the beginning! Let me make a little list for you of the "annoyances" I have to address.
  • The oven is not working (as I have posted previously) but I have removed the temperature sensor and have a new one on order. Yes, I have learned how to use my multimeter!!!!
  • The battery died in the smoke alarm.
  • My sonicare toothbrush died. $$$
  • My car is sitting in the driveway with a dead battery. After 3 visits from AAA I have an appointment Monday for new battery installation. $$$
  • Last (I hope) but not least, The pilot light on the propane stove/heater in the living room went out suddenly and will need professional maintenance. $$$ I know when it is time to call in the "big guns".
I really MUST find a helper. The roof is full of leaves and pine needles and I "no longer belong on the roof"! Do I? After all, I am closer to 80 than 70 these days. How did that happen?

That's a whole lot of stuff and money, don't you think? One very good thing is that I have been enjoying my garden that is bringing forth lush new green growth along with a fig tree that is already loaded with small figs and lots of color bursting out everywhere. Oh, and along with lots of weeds. However, I am not letting them get me down and I continue to enjoy the garden areas that I have been able to work on. I will leave you with a little mosaic photo of a little of the garden that I took about ten days ago. As you can imagine, it changes vastly every single day! Enjoy!
Wishing you a joyous weekend. I will blog when I can but it probably will be closer to weekly, so my energy and time can be outside in the sunshine and garden!


Friday, February 5, 2016

Do You Hear That Buzz

Well, it has started around here. The Big Game - Super Bowl is about to happen. Even though California is not a contestant in the game this year, it's a big highlight for San Francisco and San Jose to be hosting.

All of the TV/Internet coverage about the event brings back so many memories I have from the 20 years that I lived in that part of the state of California. It really is a beautiful area with so many wonderful things to do and see as a tourist. Even with the traffic issues it is well worth the effort. San Francisco is a fabulous city to play in! I was fortunate to spend quite a lot of time in the City at the lovely historic hotel dining rooms and "Night Spots". The lounges were usually on the top floor of the tall hotel buildings. Watching the fog roll in over the City or Bridge was a lovely sight. Live theater was always enjoyable. The whole area has so many pleasures to enjoy. There was a time when I thought I would like to live there. That was many years ago when it was a lot safer. I guess that applies to everywhere we go these days.

San Jose was the area where my children and I lived during a lot of their childhood. When my daughter became 19 years old we went into the city and I gave her a Spa Day at Elizabeth Arden Beauty Salon (facial, perm, massage, pedi/manicure and of course lots of pampering) as her gift. At that time, that was "a big deal". Of course, now the spa experience is  a lot easier to arrange.

In addition to "playing in the City", during the late 80's, my work as a Disability Medical Case Manager RN took me to the City for Medical Conferences at various hospitals and medical offices which helped with coordination of the health care and benefits for the disabled patients/clients.

Well, I could go on and on but I won't. It always amazes me with the words/topics that jump onto the computer screen when I start to write a post. Especially if I don't have a lot swirling around in my head about the topic I start with. Does that ever happen to you?

While I have been writing this I have been watching the TV special of the past years Super Bowl Half-Time Ceremonies. At this moment Bruce Springsteen is performing. Talk about memories!

Oh, and the weather for the Game is suppose to be in the 70's. I heard that it is the best weather for the weekend since Thanksgiving. How wonderful!

Hope you have a great weekend.


Friday, January 1, 2016


I am feeling very optimistic about entering a New Year. It is such a good feeling to know that I will be beginning with my heart and head in a very good place. I feel open to new adventures, experiences, opportunities and friends.
I enjoyed watching the New Years Day Rose Parade this morning on TV. It always brings memories of my youth. Growing up in California near Pasadena made it  possible for me (with a youth church group) to be able to work on the parade floats. The Lutheran Laymen's League float is the longest running (and currently the only) religious float in the Tournament of Roses parade, appearing since 1951.

This year they continued the tradition by sponsoring a float called "Jesus Is The Light of the World". This years builder was Phoenix Decorating Co. Volunteers are still working on the floats along with the professionals. The volunteers are now part of an organization called "Petal Pushers". They work on other floats, as well and they come from all over the states. My volunteering was between 1953 and 1957. Yes, LOOOOOOOONG time ago!

Last year in 2015, the Lutheran's sponsored the only Christian-themed entry among 37 floats. It featured an open Bible with depictions of the Nativity, Moses, Noah's ark and the Baptism of Jesus. Frequently the Lutheran's float wins an award. And, last year they won the PRINCESSES Award which is the Most Beautiful Float 35 feet and under.

In addition, last year, Temple City High School Band (the high school I graduated from) was chosen to march in the parade. The performing bands are selected from all over the world for just 12 openings. When I attended the school it was a new high school and I was in the first graduating class.

Another memory, when I was in Nurses Training, one of my roommates was in the competition for Rose Queen in 1958 of the Tournament of Roses. She was beautiful and competed in many rounds of the competition. She previously had been Queen of a small desert town in Southern California.

NOW, just a little food prep today because at the holiday many foods are available in the super market that are not available routinely. In the past I have enjoyed baked ham that I get at holidays. So anyway, I bought a ham to prepare a nice meal for myself as well as packaging some in portions for the freezer to use in day to day cooking.

               I hope it will be as satisfactory as the                                 hams in the past.

Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Clock - And Lily's Clock - And Glockenspiel

The days are ticking off the calendar as we approach Christmas Day and the minutes are ticking away quickly. My activities of Christmas decoration and all activity are now based on Lily's clock as she gets ever so close to leaving me. As expected, Lily has good days and bad days. The bad days when she has difficulty getting her breath/oxygen are very horrible. It is so sad because everything about her is healthy other than her enlarged heart and excessive fluid retention around her heart and lungs. She still has her beautiful disposition except on the very bad days and on those days she still is very sweet but subdued. 

Speaking of clocks, for some reason, The Glockenspiel in Munich, Germany came to my mind. A glockenspiel is a musical percussion instrument having a set of tuned metal pieces mounted in a frame and struck with small hammers. When I was on a trip to Germany in 2010 we visited Marienplatz square in Munich. It is the site of the famous Glockenspiel Clock and performance as well as the very large marketplace. The plaza is huge.

Every day the city's central Marienplatz Square is crowded with onlookers with their heads tilted skywards. And, we were some of the onlookers. See the black cross at the bottom of the photo. We were standing there watching one of the city’s most loved oddities, the Munich Glockenspiel, or carillon (a musical instrument that is typically housed in the bell tower (belfry) of a church or municipal building.

This chiming clock was added to the tower of the (New Town Hall) the year the building was completed in 1907.
At 11AM, midday and 5PM (between March and October) the Munich Glockenspiel performance recounts a royal wedding, jousting tournament and ritualistic dance - all events which have etched a mark on Munich’s popular folklore.The show lasts about 15 minutes and different tunes are played on the clock's 43 bells. It was very entertaining and festive. And, I had some of the very best jelato on the plaltz.

As a little girl I remember hearing about the Glockenspiel. But, I did not remember what I heard! My mother was German. Maybe, it came up during a discussion about a Cuckoo clock.

Thank you for joining me on a little bit of memory lane.

I hope your day went well.


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