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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Steady And Heavy - The Rain That Is

The most recent rainfall has been a lot more than the previous one. I think it rained all night and most of today. All my hard work cleaning the yard and now look at it. Honestly, this is what I expected.
And, another heavy storm front is coming in tonight!
 I haven't seen this many pine needles in my yard for as long as I have lived here.
It will take some time before I will get it all cleaned up again. The truth be told, the rain is wonderful and California needs it so badly! However, one difficult aspect of the heavy rain is that we just had an Emergency Flood Alert come across the television screen, primarily for the area of the Butte Fire (half hour drive from here) that occurred last year in September. Prayers for safety for all who still remain.
I have mentioned that the drainage is very poor because of all the solid rock and clay soil. I don't recall seeing this much area with standing water.
My downspouts have been putting out a lot of water. Thank goodness that I have Leaf Guard gutters and don't have to worry about the gutters getting clogged. One of the best use of money I have put into the house.

And, let's end with another of my beautiful roses that are still blooming. The pink color really almost looks florescent with the inner white. It's another winner.
Until next time. Stay safe.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Yummy Lunch

On a chilly windy day a Baked Potato with butter, light sour cream ( I'm laughing at how much good is light going to do) and home grown chives is very nice and tastes great. Add some cherry tomatoes and home grown Italian Parsley. And, you'll be all set.
I sure wish I had enough sun (somewhere ~ anywhere) on my property so I could have a vegetable garden. I have a really nice 4 by 8 foot raised garden bed, but since the trees (oaks, cedar and pine) have grown so large and tall the beds are now in the shade. That's a lot of tree canopy!
Tree removal is very expensive plus there probably would be a bit of an uproar about tree removal. However, I will soon have to address a tree issue at my driveway. The tree roots have invaded so much that portions of the cement have raised 6 inches and continue to cause cracking of the cement driveway. Home ownership can be "a little pricey"! Home equity loan may be something I will have to research.

In closing. Look at these lovelies that live in my living room window. They have been bringing me so much enjoyment.
My goodness how did the end of the week get here so soon? I hope you have something nice planned.

Blessings, Mary

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Will They Ever Stop Falling, Falling, Falling

I am beginning to think NOT.

It seems as though there have been more pine needles and acorns this year than any year in the past that I can recall. And, it looks like there will be a lot more to come. It only takes a few minutes before more leaves, needles and acorns are falling where I have already cleaned with the leaf  blower.
The acorns are not only heavy when carrying the full buckets (believe me) they can be quite dangerous falling from above. As they hit the roof or patio furniture day and night, the noise can be heard in the house. A bit of danger can happen if they hit your head or a person slips and fall on them!  Everywhere I look on the property, acorns are everywhere! There will probably be lots of little trees in the future.

LOOK - Some more blooms of this magnificent rose. And, there will be even more.

 The White  Chrysanthemums have opened with a nice big splash!
They are so lovely.
Again this year the plant has grown to tall heights. It is hard to believe that this started off as a little four inch potted Chrysanthemum. It is about five feet tall. And, you can see where I have had to tie it up so the stems don't fall and break. What a plant.
So much of the garden looks so bleak at this time of the year with the drought. But, I really enjoy anything that is blooming.

We enjoyed another autumn day with sunshine and then cool nights.
Take Special Care.


I Think I Got Bumped To The Bottom

I Think I Got Bumped To The Bottom
Did I do Something Wrong?