"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." – Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Very Generous Surprise/Gift

Why is there a map of the United States with New York highlighted? You may ask.
And, then look, there is a Buffalo photo!  What's going on?
OK, a few days ago I received a phone call from the son of my high school girlfriend who lives in New York. I have mentioned her in this blog a few times in the past. More info at This Post from this past February. She and her husband (we are all the same age, 77) are now living in an Assisted Living Retirement Home. They both have quite a few difficult medical issues. So, anyway, last Friday was her Birthday. And, as I said, her son called and said that he would like to give his mother a special gift. He was wondering if I could come to New York for a few days for a visit and he would cover all of the travel, etc. expenses! WOW. I almost fell off of my chair. In the past we had talked about how nice it would be if we could see each other again. Unfortunately, after giving it a lot of thought, I decided that I can not travel alone that far away from home at this time. My physical abilities are far from what they were in the past when I was a lot more independent and was able to travel to Europe alone.  My girlfriend and I talked about it and she agrees. However, we are hoping that maybe next spring it may work out. She is dealing with more than usual medical difficulties at this time. Her wonderful son assured me that he would take care of everything to make my trip safe and enjoyable. I can hardly believe that someone would be so generous to offer such a wonderful treat!

When we were younger (a lot younger) and had our first babies (we each had a boy) we often got together as two young couples for dinner at each others home and played canasta cards sometimes after the babies were asleep. Good memories.

I will continue with hope that it may work out in the future. I have never been to New York but I have been able to travel quite a few places national and international. It is in God's hands!

Now, I have another photo of my beautiful red rose that continues to bring me delight. I wanted to post it because I have been trying to learn a new photo editing program and it is driving me nuts. I miss using Picasa. And, I wish I knew someone that could teach me the process so I don't have to learn it by trial and error. So be it!
Isn't it a beauty? In reality it really looks like velvet. 

Well, I hope your week is going nicely. Our weather is certainly fall weather and it have been lovely.


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