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Friday, August 11, 2017

Very Busy With A To Z

But let's start with a quick healthy lunch.   So often when I get busy I hate to stop and take time to eat, especially if I am working outdoors.  However, today I made myself go inside and put a quick salad together.   Grabbed from the refrigerator.

Green Onions
Red Kidney Beans
Artichoke Hearts
Pickled Beets
Real Bacon

And topped it off with High Priced, High Calorie Girard's White Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing (0n sale).

Sinful 120 calories  (mostly fat) for one 2 Tbsp serving.     To be more accurate - - - healthy before adding the dressing!

And then, a little bowl of Red Cherries for something sweet.

Most of my recent hard work has been outside.   No surprise there!  Still have a little more power washing of some of the sidewalks.  Lots of clean up of weeds,  downed tree limbs and leaves  and tree trimming of what I can reach and with ladder.  I will be calling a Tree Trimmer man tomorrow to trim the Cedar Tree branches over my garage.  And, I still must get someone to clean the roof and spray for mold, moss and algae on the roof shingles.  Plan to use highly rated Wet&Forget.

Two wonderful things happened this week that I must share with you.  First, when I went to the Post Office to pick up my mail,  much to my surprise,  I received A Class Action Case check for $150.00! On many occasions I am tempted to NOT open each and every piece of mail.  But, I won't give that thought any time in the future.

Second,  and most miraculous is that a young man who is the son of the man across the street who occasionally takes my yard waste to the dump for me has returned SOBER and CLEAN following a year and a half relapse with serious drug addiction.  I first met him a few years ago when he first became CLEAN.  He is such a likable young man and I was so surprised and crushed when he relapsed.  He reunited with an old girlfriend who is still using and moved away.   He had been working with his father and is now back again working with his father. On occasion he and his father have done work for me.  They attend the church across the street and there is a tremendous support system.  I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw him and talked with them on Tuesday.  There were lots of big hugs and rejoicing. God is good !!!

Until next time.


Monday, November 21, 2016

7AM - What Is That Horrible Loud Noise

Oh! The tree trimming service guys are here and there are a lot of them with their red hats. Here is a man in the bucket with his red hat.

I took these photos from my garage side door. They are working at the house across the street from me.

They are trimming along the driveway that goes up the hill to the main house and behind the building you see in the photos. This is not the first time that I have seen tree trimmers up close but this project is like something I have never seen before. There are about six very large trucks/vehicles lining the street including the telescoping bucket truck, shredder truck and others. See the red hat in the next photo?

The trees are huge and I have never seen trimmers bring down large portions of the tree in this manner.

And, I don't think I have ever seen trimmers at the top of fully extended telescoping equipment. At least not this close!

That's a long, long, long way up into the sky.

See all the red hats at the base of the tree on the ground.  This process went on for hours and I occasionally went out to watch. And, each time I watched with amazement.

And, now, a little look at my fig tree as the leaves are falling and winter is setting in.

Hope your day is going well. Please send positive energy to the tree trimmers that they will be safe and finish the work without incident. It is such dangerous work!


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