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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Walk With Me

Every single morning I can hardly wait to go outside and check the garden for everything that looks new since the day before. So much is growing so quickly. And, I am enjoying each and every moment. The White Garden is starting to burst forth with lovely healthy freshness. The Vanhouttei Spirea, a vigorous bloomer on the left has been blooming for weeks already. The white Iris popped two days ago and the Gourmet Popcorn delicate Rose bush in the front is loaded, really loaded with healthy buds. 

This little area of my garden is really responding to all the attention that it has been receiving. The addition of about 8 cubic feet of mulch and garden soil has helped tremendously! There are so many interesting plants yet to bloom. It is quite a nice list: 'Belle Etiole' Mock Orange,   'The Bride' White Gaura,   Star Jasmine,   'Diana' Hibiscus (Rose of Sharon),   Camellia,   Phlox,   'Joan Senoir' Day Lilies,   'Carpet of Snow' Sweet Asylum,   Jupiter's Beard (Red Valerian),   'Double White' Peony,   'Autumn' Clematis,   'White Alva' Dahlia,   Cyclamen,   Hydrangea,  'White Holly' Penstemon,   'Radicans' Gardenia,   Chrysanthemums,   Snapdragon,   Stock,   'John E Kennedy' Rose,   Sweet Peas,   'White Zephyr' Fairy Lily,   Geranium,   Lamb's Ear,   Pansy,   Azalea,   'White Dawn' Climbing Rose and many different bulbs including Asiatic and Oriental Lilies. Wow, that is quite a list. With more rainfall this year I hope their health and garden performance will improve from the most recent years.


Lamb's Ear

Chive Blossoms

 First Rose of The Season (named Signature)

And, now a little closing photo of precious Lily on a day when she was doing a little outdoor lazy supervising! I will always love her so very much. It is almost two months since she had to leave me. A teardrop just fell!
Happiness to each and everyone of you.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Heavens Opened And The Raindrops Fell

What wonderful blessings in each and every rain drop. A day and a half of fabulous moisture penetrated our harshly parched land here in the West. Thankfully the snow is falling in the higher elevations starting to rebuild the snowpack that is so important. It was a fairly gentle rain most of the time with some brief periods of heavier downfall. Hopefully, any mudslide,  flooding issues are at a minimum. I can't help but fixate somewhat on the wildfire survivors who are experiencing more and more challenges. Please God, give them strength and solidarity to continue moving forward to a more peaceful, organized, warm and safe lifestyle. And, hopefully a return to some normalcy!
This morning, The Sun is Shining Brightly and everything looks so fresh, bright and shiny outdoors. Before the rains started I was able to do a little transplanting in the garden of some White Iris that I had saved in a few pots as well as Lambs Ear.
This is the White Iris and I do not know the name because it was a "pass-along plant" from one of my neighbors a few years back.
The Iris are going to be spread out through the white garden. I have been concentrating on the White Garden because. I would like to have it filled in for the first time with many plants so there are some white flowers blooming throughout the year.
Many things on my "to do list" today. It is time to get started.

Have a Wonderful Day.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Will They Ever Stop Falling, Falling, Falling

I am beginning to think NOT.

It seems as though there have been more pine needles and acorns this year than any year in the past that I can recall. And, it looks like there will be a lot more to come. It only takes a few minutes before more leaves, needles and acorns are falling where I have already cleaned with the leaf  blower.
The acorns are not only heavy when carrying the full buckets (believe me) they can be quite dangerous falling from above. As they hit the roof or patio furniture day and night, the noise can be heard in the house. A bit of danger can happen if they hit your head or a person slips and fall on them!  Everywhere I look on the property, acorns are everywhere! There will probably be lots of little trees in the future.

LOOK - Some more blooms of this magnificent rose. And, there will be even more.

 The White  Chrysanthemums have opened with a nice big splash!
They are so lovely.
Again this year the plant has grown to tall heights. It is hard to believe that this started off as a little four inch potted Chrysanthemum. It is about five feet tall. And, you can see where I have had to tie it up so the stems don't fall and break. What a plant.
So much of the garden looks so bleak at this time of the year with the drought. But, I really enjoy anything that is blooming.

We enjoyed another autumn day with sunshine and then cool nights.
Take Special Care.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

One Fifth Of An Acre

My little piece of property is one fifth of an acre. Not big - Not small. Just enough for me. However, can you imagine that there only two water faucets, one on each side of the house against the side of the house. Long time ago I added two additional faucets on each side.
 This top photo shows where I have a short hose to fill my watering can. It is very handy!
OK now, the hoses have to be carried to all the places that need to be watered. Along a pathway beside the "creek" (when there are winter rains) I made some sprinklers with PVC pipe. Well, quite some time ago the PVC glue joint loosened and I wasn't able to use the sprinkler by turning the faucet on up by the house.  I finally have had time to make the repairs.
See, how nice that works.  There is another set of four sprinklers along the pathway further back on a different faucet so there is good water pressure. All of these hoses can be put on timers up by the house if I am away for any more than a couple days. Of course, with our terrible drought I don't use them every day and when I do I watch the clock carefully for only five minute watering.

It doesn't take much to get a gardener excited. This is the first year my White Crepe Myrtle has bloomed this nicely at the corner of the White Garden. I planted it in that location so it would hide the power pole.
Remember, everything is so dry because we are not allowed to water very much. I try to use less water in the house so I have it for the garden.
Here are a couple blooms from my plants this year in the White Garden.

It is really difficult to grow "anything" in this terrible clay rocky soil. And, especially with the drought.  I have two neighbors who have beautiful fantastic professional landscaping which may help with my property value. Besides that,  they are lovely people and neighbors. I am blessed. My little piece of property could be outstanding for anyone who could spend some money on having truckloads of topsoil brought in, some terracing down by the seasonal creek and also an irrigation system. Trenching in this soil (if you can call it soil) is a huge undertaking. Most all of my plantings started out as one gallon plants. One example is the pictured Crepe Myrtle!  It is difficult for me to dig holes that are deep and large enough. Amazing, to me is that many of my plantings are quite large after many years.

Thank you for joining me in my garden today. Next time I just might put you to work! ! ! I deeply appreciate that I am able to have my little house and this lovely piece of land in a great location. I worked hard for it, but some people work hard and still aren't able to prosper from their hard work, for numerous reasons.

Yes, it is a good day.


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