Saturday, March 9, 2019

In Time Past

Like many others, for years I always had a seasonal flag hanging from the front of my garage .  The flags were in lieu of a front door decoration since my front door is somewhat hidden from street view . There were many flags in my collection ( probably still in the garage) , however, there was one that I was particularly fond of . It may be because during those years we seldom would get snow at this 2000 ft elevation.  But, as you can see there was one year that warranted a very special recognition of the season .
No snow today but another rain storm predicted to start later today .  The sky was bright and sunny earlier but now the sky is darkening at noon time. I was able to run some errands yesterday but still need to take the household waste to the dump . Hope to do that today before the rains start, again .

Well, I didn't get to the dump !  I got side tracked and started to clean up the patio and driveway .  I have had some concerns about falling over some of the deadwood limbs and stuff that has fallen on the cement where I walk .  What a mess !   I sure hope I can find some help with the outdoor maintenance .  One of my neighbors have had a lot of trees fall and there are a lot of trucks over there and it is being cleaned up .  Maybe, I will get to the dump tomorrow if the rains don't start .

I heard on the news this evening that come Saturday we may have a temperature of 70 degrees .  That would be so nice !  It's been weeks, maybe months (at least it seems that way) since warmer temperatures .

What a Winter !

Hope everyone is doing well , at least dry, warm and safe .


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  1. I hope that warmer weather you were waiting for finally did arrive. We are still chilly down south, but it looks like our rain has stopped for the next week or so. I like your cute flag! Good luck finding someone to help with the heavy yard work. Looking forward to reading about your spring garden plans.


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