Sunday, March 3, 2019

If It Isn't Rain - It Is Snow

These lovely Daffodils are fighting the good fight and trying to stand upright ! But, the pounding rain and snow makes for a big challenge .
The camellias are anxiously awaiting some drier and warmer weather .
Water - water  - water everywhere !

It is really a big mess outside .    I had to manipulate a little drainage revision since the black drain that goes underground is clogged .
A little food prep of Chicken Thighs with artichokes and tomatoes.
And Baked Beans for a winter day.
I thought this photo was quite lovely !
These photos are from the last snow that fell a few days ago .

Yes, that is a lot of snow for this part of the state of California .  I hope this is not going to become the norm for us.

With the weather that has been keeping me indoors, I'm getting a lot of cleaning-out and downsizing accomplished .  It won't be long before my file cabinet will be photo worthy .  I never want to waste time again looking for a "certain paper" .  It will be wonderful to have my home organized again like it has been most of my life .

Good wishes for Good Days and Comfort as you live your life to the fullest and rising above any obstacles that are burdening You.



  1. That is a lot of snow for your side of the Sierras! Thanks for the lovely photos. Spring will be here soon. Chicken thighs and artichokes sounds wonderful for dinner.

  2. The photos of all the snow as it decorated your outdoors are lovely, though I know it must seem so odd indeed! I do hope it hasn’t terribly harmed any of your plants! We also had to reroute a gutter downspout as the crazy rain a couple of weeks ago suddenly turned into ice into a couple of the downspouts that apparently got plugged with debris. We are always cleaning them out, but perhaps the frequent winds have had a hand in clogging them more than usual. Anyways, today’s upper 30’s weather had some of the ice melting, but the water couldn’t exit the downspout so it was pushing out all over causing huge areas of water to sit against a basement wall and window. If not tended to, this will soak through the wall and puddle up onto the basement floor!
    Your organization project sounds like it’s coming along splendidly, and your dishes look so yummy. Glad to read this post and learn of what’s been going on in your world lately!! {{hugs}}


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