Wednesday, June 5, 2019

TEN YEARS Ago Today I Started To Blog

And what a ride it has been .  A VERY GOOD RIDE .
Thank You to everyone who has come to visit, read my thoughts and encouraged me to continue!
And look what I can share with you this morning after taking a walk outside .  The diameter of this Oklahoma Hybrid Tea Rose is five inches and it is described as an unusual dark red color . It is very dark - almost a maroon and has a very strong rose fragrance that is noticable when walking by  the bush.
More to Come in the 11th year.


Sunday, June 2, 2019

Mock Orange In Full Bloom

 And it is so lovely !
 A small Dahlia is tucked in below the big rock .
Rock Rose up close.
 Every garden can use a few Violas .
 Gerbera Daisy
This is a favorite flower of mine .  The Campanula Persicifolia 'Grandiflora Alba' grows on long stems and blows in the breeze .
Red Valerian grows freely, has a long growing season and self seeds .  There are white, pink and red varieties .
It won't be long and the White Hydrangea will be in full bloom .  The plant is double the size since last year .  There are a few Gladiolas coming up to the left of it .

This ol' favorite climbing rose, White New Dawn is flourishing even though I pruned it quite severely not all that long ago . 

And, one of the many Honeysuckle plants in my garden has started to bloom .
Thank you for joining me on my little walk in my garden .

I am so happy that the last few days have been nice and warm, sunny and pleasant .  The long many rainy days have really been challenging with my Seasonal Affective Disorder .

For the last few months I have kind of put my medical concerns "on a shelf'" but it is time that I continue to work on finding satisfactory to me medical care .  I am actually feeling quite well, but there are a few concerns like no appetite and weight loss - some abdominal issues that need attention.  I believe it would be very helpful to have my medications reviewed  and re-evaluated .  It has been more than three years that some of my blood chemistry's have been checked .  My opinion of today's medicare care can not be shared because of the many naughty words that would be in my explanation!!!  My approach has become one of  determination to get what I need! And That is That !

Best Wishes and sending good thoughts to all of you and hope you are not subjected to undesirable weather and danger .


Friday, May 17, 2019

Time To Bring In The Big Guys

The electricity was turned off at 7:30 AM and was off until 5:45 PM!!  It was a long day of INTENSE ACTIVITY outside my house windows .  And, I might add,  given my proclivity for learning new things , it was very interesting and educational .

Look - - - The big guys have arrived .
NO MORE Jack Hammers and that is very good .
The crew has started working on the other two poles across the street .  Three locations are being worked on .  There are so many trucks and most have cranes .  It is quite a sight .

 The Hummingbirds have been at the feeders all day .

 Noticed this beautiful rose while taking these photos and wanted to share .

 The new poles are a lot taller .  Very interesting how all the power lines were transferred .  The satellite cable company will have to come and move their cables from the old poles to the new poles .

The crew of workers is large and they appear to work exceptionally well together and safely . After the tools and supplies were reorganized on the trucks it was quite a sight to see the long line of very big trucks all leave at the same time driving by my house.  They will return on Monday to finish a couple more poles beyond my house .
Yes, the Peony flower stems are bent over even though I tied them for support .  So sad !   After a few dry days we are suppose to get more rain .  These rain storms in mid-May are so challenging for the beautiful blossoms .

I feel like I have worked all day ! ! !

Wishing a Great Weekend to All .


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Jack Hammering All Day Long

And, Trucks everywhere you look .

A week or so ago I received a notice that several power poles in my neighborhood were going to be replaced .  The first thing that came to mind was the tremendous difficulty it would be to dig the new six to eight foot deep holes in the ground that is mostly large rock on rock .  There is a power poll at the corner of my White Garden and two more across the street from the front of my house .  
This first photo shows the new power pole being moved by crane from a truck to the ground .  This was the morning of the first day .  I don't think they had any idea that digging the new hole would be near as difficult as it is .  They have been working with Jack Hammers for two days and they still have more digging to do . That new power pole has been returned to the truck !
Most of these photos were taken from inside the house because I have been sick with a Head Cold since Sunday evening .  At the end of the second twelve hour day I went outside to take a look .  It is a little startling how the large rocks are visible all the way down . And it is a long way down !!!
To complicate the situation , rain started mid day but was not very heavy .

I certainly can empathize with their challenge as I reflect on the many many hours I have spent unearthing rock so I could plant my garden .  Of course, I did not have to dig at such a great depth to plant the garden .
They are working right at the edge of my fence and they have been exceptionally careful .
The first day they did preparation work at the top of the pole . These photos were taken from my front porch .
With the anticipation of rain throughout the night I took a couple photos of the White Peony that are starting to open .  Gorgeous !!!
And, yes it rained throughout the night and the large White Peony heads are drooping over today .

I have no idea how long all of this activity is going to continue .  But, it is good that the poles are being replaced and the transformers will be updated .  As I close this at midday the third day, the Jack Hammers are roaring !

Until next time .


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

So Much Going On In The Garden

There are so many surprises going on in the garden this year . This large magenta red Clematis, Ernest Markham was planted years ago with the intent of it giving a nice contrast with the 19th century Rose, Cecile Brunner (often called Sweetheart Rose) that I planted on the front fence not far from the Lady Banks yellow climbing Rose.
The Cecile Brunner Rose is loaded with these sweet precious delicate roses .
And Lady Banks Climbing Rose continues to bloom profusely .
And, of course my Iris Garden is showcasing the many Iris that I purchased and planted many years ago .
2009 Iris Photo (click to enlarge)
I think every Iris that is in the above photo is blooming again this year !  It's amazing what some good soil , fertilizer and winter rains can do for a garden !
My Red Geraniums and the sweet little Calibracho Cabaret flowers are looking good ! 
The Herbs - Chives, Rosemary and Oregano are being joined by more Herbs - English Thyme, Sage, Dill, Winter Savory, Marjoram Sweet and Lemon Verbena that I have planted nearby .
 Additionally, the Roses are starting to open .

My garden is like nothing I have ever seen in the past .  It is looking fantastic !  Since the Oleander Hedge has been cut down many neighbors that walk by almost daily stop and tell me how beautiful it is looking .  One person even said that it is the prettiest garden in our little town .  Now - I don't know about that but it sure is pretty!  I have enjoyed many many hours outside nurturing my little piece of heaven.

Hope all is well where you are and if your geographical area is experiencing untoward weather conditions I pray for gentler weather .


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