Friday, April 19, 2019

Let's Make This Quick

A little peek into the garden is better than none - - - Right !
 The old fashioned Ground Hyacinths naturalize nicely and are always welcome !

 These Tulips were planted years ago by me when I was first starting my White Garden .  I believe they are called The Ice Princess - ivory-white blooms with creamy flame accents .
On the left of the photo,  the Autumn Clematis is growing robustly in preparation for blooms in the Fall .  And, on the right side of the photo, White Iris are just about to bloom .
Tulips with a few White Petunias, also.

Many, many White Iris buds at the present time are dispersed among the tulips and other plants already to open with their beautiful white purity .  They will be blooming for a few weeks following the demise of the Tulip blooms .
Iris photo from last year .

  Next,  these "huge white double blooms as pure as mountain snow" are called Mount Tacoma Tulip .
 They are Elegant ! ! !
 And, now a Splash of pink Camellias to close out this little blog post. 
It's a beautiful sunny day and I am on my way back out to the garden .  Lots of weeds to pull  ! ! !

Happy Spring Day To You and smooth preparations if you are getting ready for an Easter Day Celebration !


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What A Nice Surprise

After a full year (all of last summer) of no air conditioning in my car I was startled by the air conditioner working when I nonchalantly turned it on last Sunday when the weather was beautiful-warm and I was leaving the Garden Center after buying garden soil and a few new plants for the garden .
What a Delightful feeling of cool air !!!  
And, I do not have any idea of why it has started to work  properly.  Even with a refresher course on the Internet on how Automobile Air Conditioning works I still do not completely understand all the complexities of the systems .  To give you an idea --- "Air conditioning is the process by which air is cooled and dehumidified .  Basically, air conditioning systems operate on the principle of evaporation and condensation.  The principles of evaporation and condensation are utilized in your car's A/C system by a series of components the are connected by tubing and hoses.  There are six basic components :  Compressor -  Condenser - Receiver-Drier - Thermostatic Expansion Valve - Evaporator - Refrigerant ."

It is a mystery to me !  Let's hope it continues to work !
The weather has been wonderful - - - for the most part .  We have been having beautiful sunny days and then a day of rain .  Work days in the garden are kind of hit and miss .  The main thing I have to pay attention to is that I don't leave my garden tools outside and they get rained on .  I have been outside quite a lot pulling weeds and general clean up .  I am able to work for about two to three hours when I go out .  Everything is starting to look very nice .  With all the winter rains the plants are really flourishing .  And, the addition of soil amendments for the horrible clay soil is making a big difference and improvement .  I will post some photos when I have a chance to wander through the garden looking for photo ops .
Easter is upon us and the blogs are filled with beautiful photos and ideas for decorating and meal preparations .  Even though my limited physical endurance would make it challenging to prepare a nice Easter celebration I certainly miss the activity .
Happy Easter Week To All .


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Quick Update - It is SPRINGTIME

What a beautiful Harbinger of Spring !  I patiently wait for this Forsythia plant to bloom each and every spring and especially this year following the historic winter weather .  I was on my way out to the garden and got side tracked and decided it was a priority to write a brief post .  It has been a while since I have stopped and updated my blog .  THE GARDEN IS ALIVE !
White Hydrangea .
 White Hollyhocks .
White "New Dawn" Climbing Rose .
 Lavender Lilac .
Outdoor Maintenance continues with successfully unplugging blockage in drain pipe .
During the recent past heavy rains the water flowed briskly down and out this drain .  Hooray for me and my success !
And - - - some random cooking .  Honey-Mustard Brussels Sprouts. The mustard and soy sauce give it just the right amount of tang .
Old fashioned Scalloped Potatoes .  As usual, very good .
White Beans with Bacon and Herbs .  Really good, especially with Pork Chops .
Now - are you ready for this ?   A little repair-replacement of some CAR PARTS .   The rear view mirror on my 1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible had become very blurry and difficult to see clearly and the support lifts for the trunk lid were no longer holding the lid open .  Not good to have the lid fall on my head !!!

Can you see the buttons on my shirt popping off !!  I have to admit that I am quite proud of myself .      I guess it is true that "When there is a Will, there is a WAY .  Internet shopping and all for less than $150.00 .  Labor priceless !!!

If you are a blogger,  you know there is no such thing as a quick post .  Even after almost ten years I have not discovered a way to "quickly post" .

The sun is bright and I am on my way out to the garden .

Have yourself a Wonderful Day .


Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Cleanup Is Starting - Between The Heavy Rains

There is so much to do every which way I look .  And there is only one remedy and that is to just start .  So, that is what I am doing .  I have already filled 8 trash barrels with branches, leaves and weeds and it doesn't look I have even started .  
I am not sure how many plants will not make it through the snowy winter .  The Yellow Chrysanthemums and Mountain Grass are in question .
Some of the neighborhood flowering trees are slowly starting to "pop" some blossoms .

I certainly have not had a great amount of energy to get a lot accomplished during our long unusually cold, wet and white winter .  I am looking forward to turning my energy switch (sunshine) on and turn the (winter) switch off !

A Good Week to All Of You .


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

It's Been One Year

Since I drove almost all day to pick up Precious Ivy from a cat rescue foster home .  Her previous life of six years had been very traumatic for her and the family who had her from birth no longer wanted her.  She was far more of a "special needs" cat than I had any idea she could be .  Along with the hissing and biting I soon learned that she was also deaf .
I am so pleased to say that she has developed into a very gentle little girl that has learned to trust me and is a great little companion who accepts my idiosyncrasies as I deal with her idiosyncrasies .  None of us are perfect !  She is an indoor cat and the deafness is really a non-issue .  Surprisingly, hand signals have become useful and effective .
I am so glad that I have been able to provide a loving safe home for her to live out her life .
Like many cats she is frequently very entertaining in her antics jumping and running or just staring at something (that I can't see?) on the ceiling !  She will be happy when the weather warms and she can be outside in her Catio .  Aren't Pets wonderful ?
 Love your pets and two legged creatures every day . It feels good .


Saturday, March 9, 2019

In Time Past

Like many others, for years I always had a seasonal flag hanging from the front of my garage .  The flags were in lieu of a front door decoration since my front door is somewhat hidden from street view . There were many flags in my collection ( probably still in the garage) , however, there was one that I was particularly fond of . It may be because during those years we seldom would get snow at this 2000 ft elevation.  But, as you can see there was one year that warranted a very special recognition of the season .
No snow today but another rain storm predicted to start later today .  The sky was bright and sunny earlier but now the sky is darkening at noon time. I was able to run some errands yesterday but still need to take the household waste to the dump . Hope to do that today before the rains start, again .

Well, I didn't get to the dump !  I got side tracked and started to clean up the patio and driveway .  I have had some concerns about falling over some of the deadwood limbs and stuff that has fallen on the cement where I walk .  What a mess !   I sure hope I can find some help with the outdoor maintenance .  One of my neighbors have had a lot of trees fall and there are a lot of trucks over there and it is being cleaned up .  Maybe, I will get to the dump tomorrow if the rains don't start .

I heard on the news this evening that come Saturday we may have a temperature of 70 degrees .  That would be so nice !  It's been weeks, maybe months (at least it seems that way) since warmer temperatures .

What a Winter !

Hope everyone is doing well , at least dry, warm and safe .


Sunday, March 3, 2019

If It Isn't Rain - It Is Snow

These lovely Daffodils are fighting the good fight and trying to stand upright ! But, the pounding rain and snow makes for a big challenge .
The camellias are anxiously awaiting some drier and warmer weather .
Water - water  - water everywhere !

It is really a big mess outside .    I had to manipulate a little drainage revision since the black drain that goes underground is clogged .
A little food prep of Chicken Thighs with artichokes and tomatoes.
And Baked Beans for a winter day.
I thought this photo was quite lovely !
These photos are from the last snow that fell a few days ago .

Yes, that is a lot of snow for this part of the state of California .  I hope this is not going to become the norm for us.

With the weather that has been keeping me indoors, I'm getting a lot of cleaning-out and downsizing accomplished .  It won't be long before my file cabinet will be photo worthy .  I never want to waste time again looking for a "certain paper" .  It will be wonderful to have my home organized again like it has been most of my life .

Good wishes for Good Days and Comfort as you live your life to the fullest and rising above any obstacles that are burdening You.


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