Saturday, October 10, 2020

Facing A Huge Situation

I have not given these pages much information regarding a medical development of severe disability and horrendous pain in both of my knees and legs . The right knee is considerably worse than the left . This is not a particularly new situation .  I think the first x-ray of my knees was in 2002 because of pain . But , that was nothing compared to what I am dealing with at the present time . I guess it is about a couple months ago that I started having difficulty with walking and was starting to experience unrelenting pain especially in my right knee . Throughout the years I have had periodic knee problems .  But , my back disability (injury 1992) was so encompassing that I more or less just pushed through the knee issues and eventually I was better .

But , now we have almost twenty more years of  "wear and tear" on knees that are probably also arthritic . My legs and ankles are very very swollen . Ice packs help a little . The recent increase in severity of pain and disability prompted me to see my primary care physician .  That was 10 days ago .  I was quite a sight . At least I thought so . Along with wearing my back brace I had knee supports on both knees and I had to use a cane and could only walk slowly . But , outwardly I think that I really looked pretty good . A smile always makes you look better . And , as they say "I clean up pretty good" !  Fortunately , I have a very good rapport with my physician and the office staff .  They treated me exceptionally well ! And , of course adhering to all the COVID 19 guidelines .

The "long and short of it" is that I most likely need Total Knee Replacement of both knees . Unfortunately , they will not prescribe any pain pills for me at this time (due to the new opiate regulations) and I really should not take anti-inflammatory medicine because I have taken them for many years because of my back pain/issues and my kidneys (they are old) will be endangered because my lab studies already show some abnormalities ! The pain has been very very severe .  I will have x-rays of both knees soon and I am scheduled for a consultation with an Orthopedic Surgeon on October 21 .  I was delighted to learn from my physician that there is now a technique called Minimally Invasive Total Knee replacement and I may be able to have that procedure .  The incision is shorter and the quadriceps muscles are not dissected .  And , the knee cap (patella) is not flipped over . Thus , a shorter recovery time .  

Considering my senior age , the less invasive procedure would be preferred . Depending upon what the x-rays show I will probably have both knees done at the same time .    You can click the photos to enlarge .

This is a specialized technique available from only surgeons with specialized training . The nearest surgeon is located about 150 miles from here in a geographical area near where I lived prior to moving here . So that is a possibility because I still have one acquaintance in the area , actually living in the same town as the Orthopedic Surgical Clinic .

If you follow my blog you know that I do not have family to help me and I have outlived all of my close friends .  So , where ever the procedure is performed I have no idea how all of this can be arranged regarding transportation and post operative help at home . If I go out of the area perhaps I can live in a hotel for a week or so with home health care along with physical therapy which starts the first day following surgery wherever I have it done.  I do not know if a Rehabilitation Center for a few days would be an option .  As you can see , there are a lot of unknowns to be arranged somehow .  And, care of my precious Ivy is a huge concern of mine .  At the moment, all I can do is to take one day at a time !  Somehow -someway it will come together if it is meant to be . 

I am not only taking one day at a time .  Sometimes it is one minute at a time as I attempt to continue "taking care of things" .  There are times I can do more than other times , as you can tell by my blogging posts . And , there are times I can not walk even one step .  Night time has been really rough at times and I am awakened with unbelievable knee pain along with back pain .  Not getting much sleep . Daytime naps help .

Had to reschedule "The Workers" to work on the generator hook-up for some time next week .

That's it for today and that is plenty - - - and I will be OK !  I'm a "tough old lady" and I will live each day to the best of my ability .

Hope everyone is doing well (or at least OK) during these tumultuous times in our lives with the government and the pandemic.  Let's keep the hope for better times .



  1. Oh my, I do hope you can have the minimally invasive surgery soon and find relief from your pain. I admire your spunk and determination. Keep hoping!

  2. Had a total knee replacement and it was much easier than expected. I took opioids for three weeks and that was all I needed. I would insist on the pills in case they are needed. Good wishes.

  3. Wow, What a surprise. Miss your wonderful eclectic blog. Glad you are well-and busy. I have a friend publishing her first book-due July 21. So, so much work. Good luck with your next. Thanks for knee encouragement. My age(81) and both knees are my concern. What will be-will be!

  4. You are in my thoughts dear friend Mary. I hope the surgeon agrees that the minimally invasive surgery is the correct option. Keep us all posted with updates.


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