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Thursday, June 22, 2017

What Happened To The Gomphrena "Fireworks" Plants

Well, last fall when I was working on the Front Flower Beds and revitalizing the Iris by dividing the creeping old rhizomes of the large variety of different colors and  species I ordered some perennials through mail order for the opposite side of the garden pathway.
Wow, such great healthy looking plants.
Because the soil in the flower bed had to be reconditioned before planting, I eventually had to transplant the new plants into larger pots.

Long story short - with all my fussing about - they were planted very late in the season and I trimmed them way back to give energy/strength to the roots!

Today, ONE of the six plants are showing promise. My tenaciousness persists and I am hopeful the others will catch up.
Each plant shows some hope - but, it looks like it is going to be slow going.  And, with the intense heat spell that we are in, frequent watering is a must.
There is so much to look at in the garden these days. This morning the Dayliles made their first appearance and that is always fun. There are a lot of varieties in my garden that are getting ready to "show us their stuff"!  Fun,  Fun, Fun.

Next time I try to take some photos I will take one of the Fig Tree. It has grown so large. Looks like double the size of last year.  And  -  it has just started to set fruit! I am just having loads of FUN.

With this day after day of intense heat it is very difficult to get much done in the house or outside except for hand watering.
This is what the thermometer at my front and back doors say most of the time and sometimes higher. I hope everyone is staying safe and continues to be mindful of the dangers of excessive elevated temperatures.

I think it is a good time to make some Iced Tea. Wish you could join me for "a little sit down".


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