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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Part II - Oven Repair

Yes, Part II. I did not think there was going to be a Part II. But, what is - is.

Even though the pizza that I baked turned out well I was still having difficulty with obtaining high heat, hot enough to bake a potato without having to bake it longer than usual. And, if I can't bake a German Puff Pancake which takes very high heat my oven is useless to me! 

So, my detective skill kicked in and I was not going to be defeated, if I could help it.

The heating element needed to be looked at more carefully. There are two heating elements, one is for the broiler and the other is for the oven. The broiler unit at the top of the oven was heating bright red as it should. But, the oven unit is at the bottom of the oven and has a cover (floor of oven) over it and the oven door has to be removed in order to remove the cover. When I would put my hand at the bottom I could feel heat. Since I could not see if it was heating bright red I knew I would have to remove the cover so I could get more information.

After removing the door and the "floor" of the oven I was able to inspect the heating element and remove it from the back of the oven. No obvious burned area could be seen and the element felt smooth.  I then checked the element with my multimeter for Ohms. It was defective. OK NOW!
With further inspection and my work light positioned just right, I could see an abnormal surface on the left bottom of the oven and it felt very rough!. Not a large area, but just enough to be a sign that something was not quite right. You can see it on the next photo. From what I have read, the element can spark like a fireworks sparkler. Since it doesn't appear to be very large, the element continued to heat but at a lower temperature and fluctuated which meant that I would bake for longer than usual. That worked ok for a casserole, but not for most everything else.
After installing the new element  which meant that I had to pull the range out again and take the back off. I turned the power on at the circuit breaker and then turned the oven on to check everything before putting the oven floor back in. Wonderful, wonderful, it heated to a higher temperature, not bright red but definitely hotter than before.

Every time I had to replace a part, I had to order it through the internet and then wait for the part. I would never have been able to tackle this job if the internet did not have all the information as close as my keyboard.

As long as the range was "revealing it's part" I decided to take a look at the circuit board which is at the front behind the controls. And, lo and behold the schematic for the wiring was in that compartment in case I got deeper into the caverns of my electric range! Believe me, every step I took was with great trepidation!
Since I was waiting for parts, I took the glass door apart to clean between the window sections because there was a large dirty streak from the top to bottom. And, now it is sparkly clean!
And, then I replaced the oven door gasket. However, I ordered the wrong one and had to return the part and order again in order to get the correct size.
The cost for the parts came to less than $200! I think I saved quite a lot of money by NOT calling a Repair Service.  After all my work installing new parts, putting everything back together (seemed like over 100 screws) and doing all the safety checks I could think of - - - The end result is Fabulous! It is a few weeks since I finished the repair.

And, LOOK - - - A perfect German Puff Pancake baked at 425 degrees! It thoroughly baked (no soggy bottom) and the bottom is nicely browned! And - - it slid out of the cast iron skillet with no sticking. It makes me so happy!
When I think back to all the frustration I have had with the oven for at least two to three years it is no wonder that I thought I was experiencing just another of the changes that come with getting older. There were so many times like the Apple Bundt Cake, Easter Ham and Banana Bread. Oh, the list goes on and on.  HOORAY! I still am a good cook and baker. When the weather gets a little cooler, I am going to have me some fun, cooking and baking - maybe, even a Baked Alaska - because I can!

Hope All Is Well with You.


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