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Monday, November 14, 2016

Look At These Two Cuties

I WANT THEM!  But, I know that I can't have them. I miss my doggy Lily so much!

A couple weeks ago I weakened and took a look at the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue Western Region Website. In my opinion they sound like a top rate program. The dogs are fostered in loving homes until their social  and medical issues (if any) are treated and stabilized. Most of the dogs are older and have medical issues as special needs dogs. Some of the stories of their history are heartbreaking. The requirements for adoption are very extensive. They will not ship dogs and you must live within driving distance of the dog so you can visit the dog at their foster home and be assessed for compatibility and issues associated with adopting their dogs. A dog may cost anywhere from $150 to $650. As you may know, that is so much less than buying from a breeder.

When I looked at the website I was super surprised to see a dog that I adored and she lived close enough to my address.

This is Miss Daisy. What a charmer. She is less than a year old and deemed healthy by a Veterinarian. Her history is unremarkable and her owner (a senior lady) found that she no longer could care for her.
My heart weakened and I submitted an application not knowing if I could afford to have another "love bug" ! But, I said to myself, "I'll put it in God's hands". Needless to say there were many many applications. And, she was adopted by a family with children and two other Cavaliers. In matching a dog to a new owner, the welfare of the dog is top priority. By the picture of her with her forever family, it looks like she will be very happy in her forever home.

And then, much to my surprise, shortly thereafter, another dog showed up on the website that met the criteria.

And, this is Mr. Henry. What a handsome fellow - he is.
Again, under a  year old and healthy. I think it is quite unusual to see these two puppies appear on the website at this time. Most of the dogs are older and have medical issues and expenses.

I did not apply. At this time it is not meant to be for me to have a dog.

Henry, also was adopted by a family with children and cavaliers.

The truth is that I really should not consider another dog because I have always followed my criteria which is:

 #1 --- Live long enough to take care of them which could be more than 10 years. That means I would be 87 years.

 #2 --- Have enough money to provide proper and complete veterinarian care.

 #3 --- Be able to provide enough exercise and outdoor activity to keep the dog interested in life and healthy.

When I brought Lily into my life I had to think long and hard about the decision. Even at that time I had the same concerns. At first I thought there was no way I could have another dog. However, it worked out beautifully. And, I feel very thankful. I think gratitude will have to be my focus and not sadness!

It's a beautiful sunny day here in California and I hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are.


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