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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Said What Is It

On Friday when I was at the Post Office a VERY LONG, VERY LARGE AND VERY SHINY VEHICLE pulled in the driveway and drove to the back where there is parking. I don't recall ever seeing a vehicle THAT LONG in the past other than maybe the  large commercial transport trucking fleet.
Remember, I have been living in the country for many years since I moved from the city. However, we are a county of many wineries. What does that have to do with anything?      You will see!
The second thought I had on Friday was maybe it was a TOY HAULER travel trailer which is designed to haul and transport heavy items like motorcycles, golf carts, four wheelers  and maybe race cars. I recently learned about Toy Haulers when snooping around websites about vintage trailers. But, it really looked too pristine for that.  Also, there was a lovely looking lady at the wheel! Look at that thing. It is huge. And, it looked totally black. I could not see the darkened windows because of the direction of the sun reflection. And, the front looked like a truck verses a limousine which we see frequently around here for Wedding Celebrations.

As I was saying "What is it?" a man nearby at the Post Office said "It is a Party Tourist Bus".     Sure enough.      Party! Party!
This is an example of available interiors.!!! Some even have a stripper pole! There are all  kind of interior designs. Some of these vehicles are as long as 39 feet long. "Show me the money" and they will make it!

I imagine it was a Wine Tasting Tourist Bus. It was parking at the back entrance of one of our large wine tasting wineries. There are wine tasting rooms around every corner - it seems. Really - many are next door to each other. When I moved here we had seven churches and seven wineries. Now,  I think there are over twenty wine tasting rooms very nearby - - - and still seven churches!

 I sure hope the wine tasting guests in the Party Bus had a good time.

Let's have a glass of wine together.


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