Sunday, July 16, 2017

Close To Home

California Fire Season is in full force - unfortunately!    As well as other places in the nation.

Yesterday, very close to my home a grass fire burned about one acre .   Actually, it was on the road that I always take to go to the grocery store.  Not much more than about a mile away.  Thanks to the quick action of the Fire Department it did not spread further or involve any homes or other structures. But, that is what I call  -  to close for comfort.

Sadly, there have been many fires already this season in this County. With the Hot Hot Hot weather and the Dry Vegetation we certainly are at High Risk.  One of the fires this past week burned 50 acres and the cause was the use of a Weed Eater.  Evacuations were underway.    Such needless devastation pictured below. .   There are so many causes for these disastrous fires but I am sure we all can be more mindful of our own actions that may be careless.

Unfortunately, the government funding for weed eradication along the roadways has been reduced and the owners of a lot of the larger older ranches are unable to maintain their land for various reasons like being elderly and financial.   And, of course it is so important to ensure that you have defensible space clearance around your home and any structures from 30 feet to 100 feet. It provides a good buffer space between a wildfire and your home.  A couple years ago when this area had a huge wildfire that destroyed  hundreds of homes it certainly seemed to me that the houses with defensible space were given more attention when choices had to be made by the Firemen regarding which properties to work at saving.    We all need to do our part!

Let's also take care of our forests and our forest creatures!

Wishing you a Safe and Happy Week.


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