Monday, July 31, 2017

At A Loss For Words

The month of July has been filled with one California fire after another.  There are so many burning at this time that I have lost count.  The following photos (from Cal-Fire and local citizens) were taken of new fires this past weekend in my county and the next one over.

These photos are startling and at the same time - quite magnificent.   Just look at this first photo taken by a homeowner near one of the fires.
It is so shocking to see these photos and realizing that this is taking place at this time and it is only about 25 miles from where I am.  That is about 40 minutes away.  It is the area where I go to do my shopping other than groceries.
There have been new evacuation orders and one house has burned.   And, of course, many many acres have burned.
So many people are being affected by these fires and it seems that there will be more to come.   Fire personnel are coming into the area from all parts of California.  And, yet there are other fires still burning.  The fire near Yosemite National Park is nearby and still burning.   The Fire Departments are doing a fantastic job with the unrelenting fire season.
Evacuation Centers are being set up and animals are being transported to the Fair Grounds.
Positive Energy and Prayers are needed for all involved with this crisis.

Take Care Everyone.



Anita in San Diego said...

Take care dear Mary. We never, ever take fires lightly after the Witch Fire in San Diego October 2007. It burned over 300 homes to the ground in our neighborhood and came to within 100 feet to our home. Luckily there was a water drop over the house which saved it. We were evacuated for 7 days with no idea whether or not we had a home to come back to. I remember the last time the Yosemite area burned-we were flying into your area (Columbia Airport) and the smoke was so thick Steve could not see the runway until we were almost directly above it.

Mary said...

Anita, that sounds absolutely dreadful. I can hardly imagine having an experience like evacuation and the fears that go with it. And, such a frightful time when flying through smoke!! What a blessing that Steve is such a good pilot! Take care.

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