Monday, July 10, 2017

Just Turned Two Years Old And Brother Turned Four

I couldn't help myself and had to share this little sweetheart photo of my Great Granddaughter.  From what I understand, she is a little shining light when she enters a room with a big smile  -  -  -  and she is FEARLESS!      I find it very amusing that her Daddy was hoping for a second boy when they were expecting.     This little gal can sure give you a "run for your money".   Quite a bit more confident than her big brother and she already has a definite opinion on most things.   Some, would say,   "A hand full".   I say,  Go Girl!  Girl Power!

And, this is big brother, having a bite to eat while taking a break from fishing. They get along well as brother and sister and certainly seem to be enjoying their childhood.    He looks so cute,  like a Mini Old Man with his flannel plaid shirt, outdoor clothes and sturdy boots!

They sure grow up fast.    It would be wonderful if I could spend more time with them.  However, I feel blessed to have them in my life.

I decided to do something that I remembered that I did for my Granddaughter when she was little and I am going to do it for these precious Great Grandkids.  I am writing a letter on fun looking stationery to each one of them.  They need to know about "snail mail" and how it was in days past. I hope they will be amused. If not now, maybe when they are older. My Granddaughter still mentions the little notes she would receive from me. We never lived close to each other. So, it helped. I also would send her stamps and personalized return address labels with a picture of the breed of little dog she had. Thus, I also received sweet little notes from her.    A win - win!  The little (love) things that are important.

Happy New Week to all of you.  It is a little cooler today. Thank goodness.  However, temperatures over 100 are predicted for the coming weekend.


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  1. Such sweet little faces. I love your idea of sending letters to them. I also have memories of getting unexpected notes from my grandmother when I was a girl. She had the smallest handwriting I have ever seen. Keep cool and enjoy a cold drink in the shade.


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