Saturday, August 5, 2017

Have You Ever Done This

Well, maybe not quite like that!   But, how about picking things up at the dump that have been put aside for whoever may be able to use them?    On a rare occasion I may see something that I can give a second life to and have a home for.    This item was in perfect unpainted condition so I grabbed it - - - as if I needed something more to store in my already stuffed garage that is bursting at the seams!

Take a look.   It will be perfect to store some pillows in or other things, on my patio that I have new plans for next year.   I want to put a rug and canopy out there in the springtime.   I am hoping to get my very old (30 years) iron patio furniture spray painted this year before the weather turns too cool.
The is the rug!  Yes, I weakened when I got caught up looking at Wayfair Sales.  And, I know what canopy I would like to get.  It is a lime green that will go well with the shades of green.   I know, I know, my budget is skinny but this project is giving me some needed enthusiasm about "getting a life" in the not to distant future!  I feel that I must meet some people and begin to enjoy togetherness again.  Life is such a mystery!  Time will tell!
And this is the canopy on my wish list.  It is 10 feet by 10 feet.
A few years ago, I had a patio canopy and it was really nice to eat outside and enjoy nature and the fresh air.  Or, just sit and relax or maybe read a book.

The spray paint project is always fun for me.  I always enjoy it.  Now, I just have to buy the paint for the patio furniture.  I already had the green paint that I used on the basket.

It is so funny how some of these posts come together differently than what we think.   This post evolved just because of a can of spray paint !!!

Are you enjoying your weekend.  It is a lot cooler here.  Thankfully.



Kimberly Marie said...

I AM enjoying the weekend so far, and I hope you are, too, my dear friend! I see you've had a cool down as well as us. I'm sure nature around you is thankful for the reprieve from your extreme heat! I think your project of spray painting the iron furniture sounds fun and exciting! This is the only kind of painting I enjoy. Lol!! My husband and I have gotten several decent pieces of furniture left by a dumpster when people were moving, or had grown tired of the piece. Your pretty basket will certainly come in handy for something!! Love your rug and the canopy on your wish list!! I'm so happy that you're looking forward to enjoyable visits on your lovely patio!! Have a wonderful evening ~ HUGS ~ ♥

Mary said...

Thanks for commenting. I've missed you. Take care.

Anita in San Diego said...

It is finally cooler and less humid here in San Diego as well. Your plans for the porch sound so inviting. We are starting to look for new patio furniture for our back patios to replace the (relatively) inexpensive stuff that has been in heavy use for the last 11 years. It is teak and uncomfortable to spend too much time in. I love to sit out back, knit and read, and enjoy the flowers, birds, butterflies and lizards. Keep us posted on your project!

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