Tuesday, August 1, 2017

OK Now - Where Was I When The "Computer Gremlins" Last Came To Visit

One thing that I know for sure is that I have been very busy and getting a lot of different things accomplished along with many (way to many) frustrating hours in my "Computer Repair Room".   How is that for creating a new room in my house?  Not really.  After many periods of despair and feeling defeated,  I finally have my computer devices and the Internet "singing the same song in harmony from the same hymnal".  And, I am getting closer to using my new Windows 10 computer all the time.  It really is a nice machine.  I still have to transfer a lot of data.  Call me crazy, but I get very restless when my computer isn't working correctly, especially if I get myself locked out.  Lately, passwords have been driving me cuckoo.  In the past I seemed to be able to remember most of them but now I have had to change some and I am getting them all mixed up !!!  -  even when I write them down.  Is my age starting to play havoc with me ?  It better not be.

Progress at the Cemetery Burial Plot has been good.  Last week the surrounding curbing was completed and the workman even can to my home (which is only a five minute drive from the cemetery) and picked up a lot of the rock from my garden to use for a little decorative touch on the top surface of the curbing.  For what it is worth  -  it gives it a little personal touch.  The next issue is to decide on the head stone.  We have been talking about using one of the large rocks from my garden as the headstone.  I thought it would be less expensive but that is not the case.  Most of the large/boulder rock that I have is granite and not a very good rock for engraving.  However, the workman pointed out a rock in my patio rock wall that is called Columbia Marble that may work well.  We'll just have to wait and see how all this goes.
Look at the huge size of the boulders setting around my garden.  They are from the excavation of the property before the house could be built.   I really like them.

How crazy is this?  A few weeks ago on an impulse I bought 2 little 4in. by 4in. plants, one a tomato and one a zucchini.  I didn't get them planted right away and they would dry out, I would water them and that went on for a few days before I got them popped in the dirt.
 And look,  I sure was surprised to see this beautiful zucchini and below is a beautiful tomato.
I like these surprises.  Hopefully, there will be more to come.

Another large outdoor project is underway.   I have English Ivy covering the one side of the pathway that stretches along where the water flows when we have heavy rains. It's a ditch that I lovingly call The Creek.

Can you see my bridge at the distant end of My Creek?

English Ivy can be very invasive and the time had come to corral it. More importantly, since the area was covered with cedar tree seedlings and an invasive plant called Wild Perennial Sweet Pea I decided to remove the surface of the ivy and the other offending plants and then allow fresh ivy to once again cover the slope. See that little purple spot. That is the purple (no fragrance) wild sweet pea flowes that have been spreading their long tentacles all over the ivy.
As you can see, I only have a small portion left to clear.  This is time consuming work especially since my methods of accomplishing many things is quite different than a very abled body.  One without a back injury!  I usually sit on the ground on a nice large foam cushion and cut away all the surface roots with a hand pruner.  I usually can only work for about two hours at a time.   I am like a little turtle just creeping along and then marveling at how much I get accomplished!   And, of course, since I really like being outdoors  -  it works for me.

This is the Iris and Chrysanthemum flowerbed with bluish/purple Petunia border months ago.
 And now, it won't be long and the Yellow and Maroon Chrysanthemums will be in full color.

My power washing of the moss covered cement is almost completed.  I delayed finishing because my neighbors were visiting their second home next door  and the power washer makes a lot of noise. They were here for over a week.  So, I can soon finish that project.

More project updates next time.

I hope you are enjoying your week.



Kimberly Marie said...

WOW, Mary!!!!! You really have been very busy and doing quite a lot!! It all looks absolutely fantastic!!! I truly hate all this password bologna, and no, it's NOT YOU!! My husband goes through the same thing with devices messing up, having to change passwords, write them down and sometimes still can't get in until he makes a brand new password. IT'S JUST CRAZY!!! Keep up the good work - you inspire me!! (One with a back issue as well....)

Mary said...

Thanks for the validation and encouragement. Much appreciated.

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