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Saturday, September 9, 2017

More About Wild Perennial Sweet Pea

I posted about my challenge against Wild Sweet Pea several days ago.  Progress continues.
This is some of what I blogged about my current project of cleaning up my garden slope that is covered in Ivy.  English Ivy can be very invasive and the time had come to corral it .  More importantly , since the area was covered with cedar tree seedlings and an invasive plant called Wild Perennial Sweet Pea I decided to remove the surface of the ivy and the other offending plants and then allow fresh ivy to once again cover the slope. See that little purple spot in the photo above ?  That is the purple (no fragrance) wild sweet pea flower that have been spreading their long tentacles all over the ivy.
(google image)
The wild flower is Lathyrus latifolius - Perennial Pea, Sweet Pea, Everlasting Pea . It vines to 6 feet long with winged stems and  uses petiole-terminating tendrils to climb. There are one to several pink to magenta butterfly-like blossoms on smooth, unwinged pedicels . 
This is what the slope looks like now .  I'm getting there .  The only thing that I still have to remove is what is left in the ditch .  I have left some Ice Plant in one area and also some Vinca Minor as well as a few other plants .
This is looking down from the pathway .  The English Ivy is starting to come back nicely !
When I say the Wild Sweet Pea is invasive, let me show you how fast it can grow .  The next three photos of different areas show the growth since I cut them just a few days ago .  I plan to take more aggressive measures wherever I see signs of the invasive Wild Sweet Pea .

It will be so nice to have this project completed.

Other progress is happening with the Patio Furniture .  I have completed painting the large table and four chairs .  And, I am so pleased with the nice attractive outcome .
It has been a relatively easy project and when the paint has cured for a day or so I will take another photo when it is all set up !   HooRay!  Since I have the paint , I think I will continue and paint the small table and the two rocker chairs.

I hope you had a good weekend and the week to come will be enjoyable.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What's She Up To Now?

This and some of That.   Lots of projects always await me.  When I am in the mood they slowly get done.   First of all  -  because I was able to buy some supplies at Lowe's a few days ago ,  I decided I could work on what I now call "Water Central".
When I moved here, there were only two faucets on this fifth of an acre piece of property.  One on each side of the house.  So years ago I fashioned a way to have access to water via garden hoses to the outer parameters of the property buy using a rigid 3 inch water drainage pipe under the sidewalk. I used a water pressure nozzle attached to a regular hose to channel through the dirt under the sidewalk .  As much as I dislike dragging hoses around I have gotten quite accustomed to it.  As you can see in the above photo I have channeled the hoses under the pre-existing sidewalk.   OH! Please note all the rock that has been placed against the house when I have dug holes to place plants throughout the gardens.

This "Water Central" is across the side walk by my little Garden Shed .

And ,  the hoses cross under the sidewalk and around the back of the garden shed.  I am digging a trench for the drainage pipe and then covering with dirt.  This is clearly "a poor man's solution" to an annoying problem. Now , I will be running the hoses through the newly purchased flexible drainage pipe around  the shed .
I would like to cover the small area behind the shed with some cement pavers.  That 8 foot by 12 foot space is where I can store trash barrels and other garden equipment.  Living on a corner lot that has limited privacy has restrictions when it comes to hiding "unsightly stuff".  The area on the far left of the shed is where I have been dumping some of the yard waste.  The ground steeply slopes down to the Creek "ditch".  And, on that side of the shed, I would like to raise the ground level and plant some flowers along the garden shed .

If expenses were not an issue, there is so much that could be done with this little piece of property such as terracing down the steep slope to the Creek.  And, of course an efficient automated sprinkling system.  Can you imagine the trenching activity/expense with all the large amount of rock of varying sizes when putting in an underground sprinkling system.  All of my close neighbors have great systems and they have been very high dollar expenditures!

My new favorite Spray Paint is Rust-oleum Universal Forged Hammered Paint and Primer In One in the color Burnished Amber.  And, this is the paint that I am using to spray my patio furniture.

And, today I spray painted one of the chairs.  The paint really sprays on nicely. And, dries in 30 minutes .  It costs a little more than the paint I have used in the past , but I think it is worth it.   I hope to do more painting tomorrow.  The weather temperatures are very high this week, over 100 degrees, but I will paint in the early morning.

I am so pleased with how the paint job is turning out .  It is great coverage and certainly a nice hammered effect .  Unfortunately, the detail is not showing in my photos .   And, the color of my cushions are not at all what it looks like in actuality .  The color is a beautiful vibrant greenish blue that I think will go nicely with the outdoor rug.   Again,  the colors are far from true.  But, I just wanted to give you an idea of my plans.
Waverly Sun 'n Shade Centro Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, Carnival, 7'9"x10'10"
I hope to get a little painting accomplished every day until the paint project is finished .  The warm weather makes for good "painting days".  I am trying to get a lot of outdoor work finished before the weather gets too cool for some of these projects.

Hope your week is going well for you.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Over The Bridge And Through The Woods

That's what the Girl  (that's me)  did yesterday !
It has been over a year since I made that little road trip to some stores that are larger and have greater selections than what is available nearby my home.  I'm talking about stores like Lowe's,  Big Lots, Walmart and JoAnn's.  I have found that it is not to difficult to live without those stores since Internet shopping is readily available with increasing sites available with no shipping charges.   Plus,  at my stage of life, how many things do I really need versus want??

The last few years have been quite difficult for me following many losses and unexpected events in my life.  This has meant that I have stayed a lot closer to home while I am slowly finding  my way back to a life with more Joy and Purpose and improved psychological Health!!!  Perhaps, the biggest changing factor for me has been the loss of so many (and I really mean many) close friends and four-legged "love bugs" that have departed for The Hereafter.   Even though I have lived alone for the majority of my life (for various reasons) I have found that at this stage of my life it is a lot more difficult to live day to day feeling enthusiastic, adventurous, creative and independent.

Well, anyway,      I really enjoyed my day even though I did not have a companion to travel along with me to laugh, purr or bark and share the adventure.  I visited Lowe's to buy the spray paint  that I am going to use to refurbish my very old iron patio furniture.  One Homecrest small adjustable-height table with two swivel-rocker chairs is from the 1970's and the larger table set with four chairs is from the 1980's.  I tend to always take the best care I can of my things/possessions and the patio furniture is in great condition.  A good spray coat of premium paint and it all should look sparkly brand new.   I managed to find a few other things that have been on my shopping list for quite awhile.

Then, I stopped in at Applebee's Restaurant for a small lunch of Fish and Chips with cole slaw.  It was nicely prepared and very good.

Then, off to Walmart for some paper products, cleaning supplies and a few miscellaneous items that have been on another list for quite some time.  And much to my SURPRISE, the 27,000 square foot expansion and newly remodeled Supercenter had celebrated it's grand opening in June.
This is the local store at the beginning of the store expansion one year ago.

The large grocery department looked very nice from a distance as I knew I was too tired to peruse the whole store I will have to check out the produce next time.

Later in the day I prepared some simple food for my neighbor and a couple of his workers in appreciation for all the many times he takes my yard/garden rubbish to the local dump.
I fixed some Mixed Beans with Ground Beef  (now , that's simple !)  with some garlic sourdough toast.  And, then to add the necessary "sweet stuff" I baked some Fudge Molten Lava Brownies.

The fellows were very happy with my little surprise for them.
That's a Splatter Guard that I am trying in an effort to not have so much grease to clean up on the stovetop.  I think I will like it.  Time will tell.  Very inexpensive.

Wishing all of you a Good Weekend and let's send positive thoughts/energy and prayers for all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in the Texas region.


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Have You Ever Done This

Well, maybe not quite like that!   But, how about picking things up at the dump that have been put aside for whoever may be able to use them?    On a rare occasion I may see something that I can give a second life to and have a home for.    This item was in perfect unpainted condition so I grabbed it - - - as if I needed something more to store in my already stuffed garage that is bursting at the seams!

Take a look.   It will be perfect to store some pillows in or other things, on my patio that I have new plans for next year.   I want to put a rug and canopy out there in the springtime.   I am hoping to get my very old (30 years) iron patio furniture spray painted this year before the weather turns too cool.
The is the rug!  Yes, I weakened when I got caught up looking at Wayfair Sales.  And, I know what canopy I would like to get.  It is a lime green that will go well with the shades of green.   I know, I know, my budget is skinny but this project is giving me some needed enthusiasm about "getting a life" in the not to distant future!  I feel that I must meet some people and begin to enjoy togetherness again.  Life is such a mystery!  Time will tell!
And this is the canopy on my wish list.  It is 10 feet by 10 feet.
A few years ago, I had a patio canopy and it was really nice to eat outside and enjoy nature and the fresh air.  Or, just sit and relax or maybe read a book.

The spray paint project is always fun for me.  I always enjoy it.  Now, I just have to buy the paint for the patio furniture.  I already had the green paint that I used on the basket.

It is so funny how some of these posts come together differently than what we think.   This post evolved just because of a can of spray paint !!!

Are you enjoying your weekend.  It is a lot cooler here.  Thankfully.


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