Sunday, October 7, 2018

One Thousand Dollar - Water Bill

No.   Not Me.    But, My Neighbor .

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I know it is not the least bit funny but maybe this is the way my neighbor feels about it .  

About ten years ago my neighbors bought the property next door with the intent of remodeling the little house that was build in the mid 1800's .  The property is quite large and there are also some small out buildings .  They did a fantastic job of making the property a lovely improvement along with retaining the ambience of time gone by. It is their vacation retreat and they spend a lot of time here with their grandchildren and families . Their primary residence is about a three hour drive which makes their travels very manageable.  OK , you got it .  They are not always here

This little blip in their life all started when they received a phone call from the Water Company telling them that the dial on their water meter was Spinning .  Come to find out - the waterline  UNDER THEIR HOUSE had broken !!!  And, of course that started a lot of activity on many fronts to get their home back in order .  When the little house was remodeled they spared no activity and lovely hardwood floors were installed .

The only way the broken waterline could be repaired was to cut a large hole in the floor to get access !  But, there is usually "a little silver lining" if we look for it.  It so happens that the broken pipe was under the floor of the utility room (home of the washer/dryer) which has a tile floor and NOT a hardwood floor !

Because of the excessive amount of surface water which doesn't drain well with our clay/rock soil , it took days of the use of a large fan to aid in minimizing the water .  And, luckily we had some warm (not hot) but warm days that helped a lot .  The most significant issue  other than the water bill is the prevention of an environment for GROWTH OF MOLD !

Something like this can sure ruin a person's day ! 😧

And, the WATER BILL is yet to be determined ?  He wrote a letter and called .  But, no response as of yet.
A Little Update -  I am feeling a lot better, thank goodness . Some major events like updating my Estate Planning - - - fancy name for end of life documents, are now in order .   And, there are a lot of legal documents ! Far more than in the past by law. Even though I have had a Will and Living Trust for many years with several updates, dealing with attorneys and legalize became extremely difficult for me because of lack of family involvement and selection of available trustworthy people (when you have outlived your close friends) for Medical, Personal and Financial decisions . 

My To Do list still has more for me to do as soon as I can . But, the tasks are not as stressful or out of the ordinary of routine living.  For the most part they are tasks related to major house maintenance like roof and exterior painting .  Oh, and the ongoing "sorting and purging" deep house and garage cleaning !!!   I sure don't want to be feathered on the TV show, "Buried Alive" - do I ?

It is such a good feeling to be out of that "high stress feeling" that is so unhealthy and difficult to live with.  It sure challenges "Mind, Body, Spirit" living !

I hope you are enjoying your day.



  1. It must be great relief to have all your documents in order. We still need to grow up and do that task! We just finished having the roof power washed and the trim painted on the house. The only big job left is having the windows washed which is scheduled for next week, after we get back from Washington DC. I have to hire out window washing because some of the windows are at the top of the roof line-over 2 stories high! That is some story about your neighbor's water bill. Our city water department is under fire for mismanagement and fraud.

  2. My husband and I need to update our documents and such. I can only imagine what a peace of mind it is to not have that obligation looming over your head. Good for you! I think I’d fall over if that whole water scenario happened to us. We did have a similar situation occur, but on a much smaller scale. The repair was done at the street, and the water company ended up being responsible for the problem. Thank goodness it was on the outside of our house!


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