Monday, July 8, 2019

At My Door Step

What a nice neighborly gesture and surprise .  Since the hedge around my corner lot has been cut down the neighbors that walk by (and there are many) often stop for a quick chat .  One neighbor that lives nearby and has lived here longer than I have asked if I would like some Asiatic Lilies . Of course, I said yes .  It just so happened that when I recently returned home from having a CAT Scan they were sitting at my front door .  Nothing like a plant can cheer up a gardener !
These  Asiatic Lilies are from her garden .  I'm not certain of color .  But,that is just fine with me !  In time past we would call these "pass along plants".  These are often "The Best".

These beautiful colors of recently opened Daylilies are so enjoyable for me and there are still more varieties to come .
And now some returning flowers from last years May planting at the corner near the driveway .
I think these Black Petunias are fascinating and they are continuing to put on a interesting show along with the returning Yellow Calibrachoa (Million Bells) .

This past Spring I planted two new plants in this area near the driveway . Each of them were one gallon plants and both of them have been growing beautifully .  The first plant in the photo below is a Viburnum 'Opulus Roseum' commonly known as Snowball .  I have always liked the Snowball plant and so happy that I was able to find one in early Spring this year .  There was a  Snowball plant in this area when I bought the house .  But, unfortunately it had to be removed due to some type of disease .
The next one is Cotinus Coggyria 'Grace' known as a Soft Purple-Pink Smoke Bush .  I look forward to the uniqueness of this plant .  It is described as having new leaves that are pinkish-purple turning green as the season rolls along . Much of the year it is green with pink tips . Small pink flowers are in huge clusters , up to 12 inches in summer , and fall color is fire red and purple .   Sounds very interesting to me .  Perhaps , a focal point .  I have planted it where it will have enough room to showcase nicely !
It was just yesterday that I was able to finish revision of the other side of the driveway .  Needless to say the soil is almost non existent .  From a few years ago when I planted a few  Indian Hawthorn  Rhaphiolepis  'Jack Evans'  plants very little attention has been given to this part of my garden .  I think it is a good plant for the area . Fortunately, early in the season I found six more plants at the local nursery .  And then a few days ago when I was buying more planting mix ,  two 'six pack' of Coneflowers jumped into my cart .  Does that ever happen to you ?

The color of the Echinacea purpurea , Purple Coneflower (that can be self seeding) will go nicely with the blossoms on the Indian Hawthorn,  Rhaphiolepsis .
My Garden Ducks that came with me when I moved here many years ago  have been keeping watch over the driveway garden for a very long time .
The railing that you can see goes to what I call my Secret Garden  .  It needs lots of work up there . Years ago I picked up two railing at a yard sale that were used with a mobile home . I fastened them together , "planted" them and jokingly would say that they will help me when I am old and feeble .  Well , I guess you can say that I am, now OLD but I don't think feeble - - -yet !!!

Hope your New Week is a happy one .


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  1. I believe sharing plants is one of the best things we gardeners can do for each other. I have dozens of vinca that self seeded between 2 plumeria. I routinely did them up and give them to neighbors and, especially, to my dad for his garden. I have a garden duck statue in my front courtyard that I bought at Gumps in San Francisco many years ago. Thanks for sharing your lovely gardens.


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