"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." – Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Just A Little Fall Decor

I miss doing seasonal decorating so I thought I would do just a little. The reason that I have not done any decorating is because I have been spending my time taking care of the outdoors and doing other activities that have to be taken care. It is not that I don't have enough hours in the day but that I don't have enough energy and too much back pain.

Most of my activities today have been outside working in cleanup and planting a few  more plants in the flower bed in the front with the Gorphrena - Fireworks perennials.

(google photo)
I mentioned before that I had (a lot) of Hemercollis - Stella D'oro daylilies. They tend to be a little shorter than most daylilies.
(google photo)
So I planted a row of them along the front of the Gorphrena

And then, since I had a bucket of Amaryllis belladonna - Naked Lady bulbs from the "old iris bed" I found a spot to plant them.
(google photo)
They are quite interesting because the leaves grow about August and then they die down and about two months latter the flowers bloom. They are like "ladies without dresses".

This afternoon I prepared some Hawaiian Pork Chops with rice for dinner. I haven't been cooking very much lately. It tasted very good.

Hope your week is going well. Blessings.


Friday, February 26, 2016

Bathroom Remodel - Flashback

Oh, how I wish I had a before remodel photo. Try to imagine a 1970's bathroom with a very small aluminum framed window at the top of the wall behind the bathtub/shower, Formica counter tops, linoleum floor and opaque sliding shower doors, old plumbing fixtures and 5 feet by 10 feet.   - - - - Maybe something like this. Actually, if I didn't know better I would say "yes this is my bathroom."

FROM THIS (1973)
THIS (2008)

The room is enlarged by 2 feet by extending the wall behind the new Jacuzzi Spa bathtub which provides a nice extension to give the room a feeling of greater space and a nice shelf for plants and decor. And the block privacy window brings in very nice natural light.
It was so much fun to watch this room evolve into this lovely relaxing oasis. Especially since I personally did a lot of the work like painting (also ceiling) and installing light fixtures, mirror and towel bars. In addition, I did a lot of the shopping on Ebay. Things like plumbing fixtures, sink with gold trim, lighting fixtures and other accessories. I did not put a shower in this bathroom because there is another remodeled bathroom that has a marble lined walk-in shower.

At another time I will write a post about the en suite bathroom.
The lighting over the bathtub is on a dimmer which provides lovely lighting while enjoying a nice warm bath with circulating water. The light fixtures match the fixture over the sink. The marble tile is the light color you see in the photos near the sink, not the darker color by the window. The baseboards (yes, baseboards) are also marble because we had leftover tile.
This is my favorite room in my little home. Like everything (almost) I do, it was done on a strict small budget. Did you notice - Ebay?

Decorating styles change throughout time but I attempted to remodel in timeless decor.  Not purple like my kitchen!

I hope you enjoy Your Home.


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