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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This,That And More

This morning my mood drew me to the idea of putting together the Fall Tablescape. So, I started to "shop the house" as I often do. Looking into cupboards, china cabinet, sewing room, drawers, garden and even the garage! Here are just a couple photos of where this little creative venture is taking me. I think I will call this "a teaser".
And, another photo. The pine cones have fallen from my trees. The White Chrysanthemums are some of the last flowers from my five foot tall plant. While I was clipping the blossoms it started to rain and it is getting very cold.
Do you ever get side-tracked? It is certainly easy for that to happen to me. Here is a good example. This is the silver flatware drawer.
And, there is more!
I was disgusted and now I am in the process of sorting and organizing the drawer and probably some polishing. I have been wanting to do this for quite a long time. Finished project photo coming soon. Really! And, there is a little history about some of the silver flatware that will be fun to share.

I think we should end on a fashion statement from Miss Lily. Is this a "runway pose" or what?
These are her Jammies (not her Hoodie) and she loves them. It may be my imagination, but she seems more comfortable with less coughing/gagging with them on. I take them off for a short time everyday and give her a good brushing and overall check.
Lily told me that she thinks she is a "Pampered Pooch". What do you think?
Until next time.


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