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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

More Vacation Memories Of California Coast

This is a continuation of my post Vacation Memories.

This is a nice photo of The Wharf that shows its relationship to the "colorful motel" and surrounding area. We walked all around the area and to the end of the wharf. We considered going to dinner the first evening at the Wharf House at the end of the wharf but changed our minds after reading reviews and taking into consideration the walk to the end and back at night time. So, of course, we had to check it out in the daytime.
And, here we are at the Wharf House.
I guess I would say that it is pretty typical of an "end of the wharf" restaurant. It reminds me of the Crab Shack at the end of Santa Cruz wharf which is just up the coast a bit.
Now, we have many photos of the sights around and from the wharf. 
 Meet me on Sunday!
Don't miss the sign on the boat!
 Let's play volley ball   - Misty Mae and Kerri Walsh?
                                      (Olympic Stars)
 The weather was overcast in the mornings but transformed beautifully to sunshine.
The surfers were having a great time and there were lots of them but not in this picture.
Beautiful Homes! Love the purple accents.

After walking all around the area, it was time to find a place to eat lunch.  So, we walked back to The Esplanade and decided on the Paradise Beach Grille after poking our noses into several doorways.
 From our seats we had a view of the area that we had been walking around. Isn't it pretty?
 And, the Tomato-Carrot Bisque Soup was sooooo good.

 Look at these scrumptious Fish Tacos.
 The food was great and restaurant was nicely appointed with flowers and art work.
The Esplanade with lots of outdoor seating and beautiful views.
Next time - The Shadowbrook Restaurant and the communities of Soquel and Aptos.

Such a beautiful area in California.  And, the seafood is so Fresh and Flavorful.  

Hope you enjoyed visiting with me.  


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Beautiful Memories of Capitola

I am so blessed to have many wonderful memories of activities and fun that "My Special Man" and I did during the 5 years that we were together. I remember this trip as if it was yesterday. And, I wanted to share this with you even though I posted it on another blog back in 2012. I hope you enjoy one of the many picturesque places to visit or maybe live in California.

A week ago today, we left for a mini vacation to the coast. The weather we left behind was in the low 100 range and had been for several days. The change of climate to temperatures in the 70's was a very pleasant change.

When we checked into our motel on 41st Avenue the lobby was very inviting. We were pleasantly surprised with a nice upgrade to a very large luxury suite at the Best Western Plus Capitola-By-The-Sea Inn and Suites.

This little fella looks playful and fun! Don't ya think?
The first evening we dined at a very impressive restaurant, Cafe' Cruz who "believes that using healthy, high quality ingredients translates into the best tasting food". They use the freshest local produce (organic when possible), freshly caught fish from sustainable sources, fresh natural California poultry and pork, and Harris Ranch Beef (naturally raised in California), complemented by other top of the line ingredients. And, wow - the food was great!  This restaurant was only a few blocks from our motel and very conveniently located on the same street.
We entered through the rear parking area. The restaurant was quite large with many rooms and was filled with enthusiastic diners on a Monday Night! The menu was extensive and the service was exceptional and without fault.
Many murals were on the walls depicting their philosophy of natural cuisine.
We entered walking through one of the garden rooms that was beautifully appointed with lovely plants and fire pits for warmth as the evening cooled.
The next morning we drove a short distance to Capitola Village where there are many boutique shops, art galleries, wine tasting rooms, restaurants and beautiful surroundings.  The first stop was at Mr. Toots Coffee House for some special coffees. 
The air was cool but not to cool to sit outside on the little balcony overlooking the colorful Venetian Hotel, Wharf and Sea. If you look closely you can see the little table where we sat below the Mr. Toots sign. It was so relaxing. 
This is the enjoyable picturesque view from the outdoor eateries on The Esplande where we enjoyed our coffees.
The colorful buildings are all part of The Venetian Hotel which is in the Mediterranean style with hand-carved doors thematic of Venice, Italy. So charming. 
At the far end of the individual accommodations, near the Wharf, there were beautiful gardens with a plaque commemorating the destination by the Department of Parks and Recreation National Registry as the First California Condominium Sea Side Resort 1924. See the photo below.  

This is the seaside view of The Venetian Hotel taken from The Wharf. You can see the gardens on the far left of the photo.

This is a photo from the Chamber of Commerce website showing the seaside view of the Esplanade.

And, here is a little friend on The Wharf sitting and waiting for some tidbits that may present for his enjoyment!
 And - - - - - What a handsome guy he is!

 More tomorrow about The Wharf and Shadowbrook Restaurant.

Yes, I may do another "Memories" post of this little trip to the coast. We were fortunate to be able to do a lot of travel during the five years including a very educational three week trip to Germany. 

It saddens me that we didn't have more time together but I am certainly grateful for what we had.

I sure hope you are having a Blessed Weekend.      WE HAVE SUNSHINE.    Hallelujah !


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