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Friday, December 2, 2016

A Little Cyber Monday Shopping

It seems as though during the past few months everything in my house of any significant dollar value is giving up and saying "I quit" or "I'm going to make your life miserable". Granted it has been several years since most of the "offenders" were purchased. But give me a break, not all in the same year!

Well anyway, even though I had the hard drive in my laptop restored, life in my computer world just isn't what it should be or what I want it to be. The desktop computer is very old with Windows XP which makes it almost obsolete in my book.  And the printer is old, big, clunky, heavy and acting up. And, not wireless. Do I sound happy? NO.

I really hate spending what little money I have on things like this. But, there comes a day when my frustration forces me to make these decisions. 

After-all, the range, microwave, garbage disposal, all started fighting with me and demanded that I spend some money. Thankfully, they seem happy now. 

So, now I should let myself get excited and tell you what I am getting. 

The laptop is Hewlett Packard ENVY x360, 2 in 1, 15.6 in TouchScreen Intel Core i5 12GB Memory 1TB Hard Drive. I think I got a very good price with $200 off and free shipping.

And, the printer is Hewlett Packard ENVY 4520 wireless All in One Instant Ink Ready. It is not as fancy as my last printer but I am sure it will meet my needs. And, this was $50 off and free shipping.

No longer will I have a desktop PC. But that is fine. The new laptop is larger than I have had in the past and it has anything I might want. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 that was a gift a few years ago. I can use it more often if I learn a little more about the many options. 

So, when the new electronics arrive in a couple days I will be embarking on a pretty steep learning curve. It seems as though there is always so many things to learn in this day and age of technology.

I never like making these decisions on my own but I have done it for years and usually come out OK with what I finally decide. Wish me luck.


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