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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Summer Flowers Are Slowly Waving Bye-Bye

The Spring and Summer colors of the garden are starting to fade. 

But , much to my delight , the Hollyhocks are continuing to bloom .  In spite of the fact that I have been doing battle with insects that I think are Japanese Beetles. 
And, the White New Dawn Rose is going strong with continual beautiful blooms.

With the extensive work in the garden this year I have changed a few things around .  When cutting back the Ivy  (which I have almost finished)  and hopefully removing the nasty wild invasive sweetpea I decided to change the location of the Gazing Ball.

Perhaps you can see that there are about five Lily of the Nile plants near the gazing ball.  Well, they have never bloomed in the past.  However, there was one nice flower this year.  I may be moving them into more sun.  I' m not sure.
This cement pedestal is one I have had for a long time and I just painted it lavender but it looks blue in the photo . In the past I used an upside-down tomato cages to support it among the Ivy .  Now the ball is in the long flower bed along the pathway.   
Let me say a little more about the purpose of cutting back the Ivy .  When I moved here many years ago , the whole area was covered with Invasive Wild Sweet Pea.  I managed to eliminate it and started some Ivy which I have been very happy with.  For years there were no problems with a return of the unwanted Sweet Pea until about two years ago .  The time had come to act on it or I may find myself "in the land of no return".

It seems to grow enthusiastically  naturalizing in open fields and in abandoned gardens where it quickly gets out of control. The plant propagates easily from seed .  It is usually a purplish pink, but occasionally deep purple or pure white. Admire it from a distance, for it is both toxic and invasive.

The ever faithful Sedum has been putting on a beautiful show - changing color from white to the soft pink.  They sure seem to be a sturdy plant and I like that.

This year I have really enjoyed my garden and I have done a lot of work and it is beginning to show . There have been so many different flowers and colors to nurture and enjoy.

I enjoy being outdoors so very much.  The time I have spent in my garden has helped me so much to return to a more balanced person following some very difficult years. Of course, there are other facets to this renewed and refreshing feeling.

For all who are being affected by the many unusual circumstances and difficulties that are happening in our current world,  I wish you strength, comfort, resilience and love.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Where Are We Going For Thanksgiving

As you see, we are dressed in our finest!

First Off. I have so very much to be thankful for. Life has many many twists and turns. It is just the nature of what is called LIFE. And, as I live my "sunset years" I work very hard accepting that I am very blessed with so many wonderful life experiences. However, for many of us in the sunset years we are challenged in areas of  health, finances, loss of many loved ones, diminished physical abilities and loneliness. There - I said that word that I try so hard to deny. I am not sure that I will ever understand (with many hours of spiritual guidance and therapy) why so much of my life has been a solitary one. Perhaps, it is the way my life started as a child.

I am comfy in my little home. However, I certainly miss being a part of holiday excitement of food preparations, hustle and bustle of coordinating all the aspects of celebrating, smelling the beautiful aroma of "the turkey in the oven" and gathering together with the thankful hearts of family and/or friends.

Thanksgiving is just a name of one day. But I hope we live each day with a grateful heart and spread "our riches" with others around us. Each day is God given and I plan to live each day with a gleeful heart and maintain a constant awareness of where I may be of benefit to those who are less fortunate.

Let's reach out and share the JOY of the Season whenever and however we are able. Just a HELLO or a SMILE can change someones day. And, it just may put a smile on someones face - who really needed it.


    And, Lily, too.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Now - I Like This Idea

And, I will SHARE. That's just the way I am.

It seems like I have read many many blogs lately describing "Trials and Tribulations" during troubled times.

Hope your day is Bright and Sunny. Let's think happy thoughts.


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