"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." – Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Love Love Fall Color

I love love love all the fabulous fall colors at the front of my property .  The Yellow Chrysanthemums are blooming and the Maroon Chrysanthemums that are spaced between the Yellow are coming soon .   We are expecting a warmer week into the nineties that will help them to bloom .

Some twenty years ago, Oleander plants were planted around my property on the outside of my fence.  In the past few weeks I have been able to clean up all the weeds and stuff at the base as well as prune the very large shrubs .  Last Spring the weeds were so high that I had to "weed whack" .  I hope this coming year I can control them better .   I am very happy with how it looks now.

The Autumn  Joy Sedum color is changing into its fall shade of a deeper pink .  So pretty!  

Finally, the luscious looking tomatoes are turning RED .  I look forward to making a Tomato Tart or something interesting .  I bet I am going to enjoy the delightful home garden tomato flavor !

Most of us enjoy a surprise and I have another little garden surprise .  At the time that I purchased the tomato plants, I also tossed in my cart one zucchini plant .  All of  these were little 4 inch potted plants .  With no  planning , I just popped the zucchini into my strawberry barrel that was doing very little in the growing department .

I think the wine barrel looks so nice with the strawberry plant expanding over the edges .  And, that little zucchini plant is no longer little!
 Look ! ! !  A zucchini !
 And, another one on the way !
Hopefully, there will be enough to add as a side dish to a Pot Roast dinner I am planning for the near future .  The fall weather says to me that it is time to do some yummy cooking.

Sadly , a little neighborhood nursery that always stocked top quality nursery stock has lost their lease and will be closing .  The nursery sits on a site of large acreage that will be going up for sale .  As a result they have a 25% off sale on every thing .  I stopped in and bought four Lavender plants that I am planting between some daylilies along a pathway .
It is taking me a long time to dig the holes to plant them because there is so much rock to do battle with .  You can see how dense the rock is in these photos .  I also have to buy some planter mix to give them support to hopefully continue to grow into healthy plants.

I think the contrast of foliage color will look good .
The White Clematis continues to bloom profusely on the fence behind the White Garden.

And, and, and, believe it or not, I baked some yummy blueberry muffins.  The cooler weather is coaxing me into the kitchen.
I hope your week is going well and you are starting to enjoy the definite change of season.

Today was my 78th Birthday.   It was just a usual day-no celebration.  Life is what it is.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Still Playing In The Garden

Let me rephrase that.   I'm working as hard as my body will physically allow me to !  And, thankfully, it really is starting to show. The weeds have been what seems endless this year with all the rain this past winter. And, they keep growing. Some of them are three feet tall and still growing. The weather has been lovely for working outdoors. As usual, there always is a certain amount of outdoor maintenance around the house that needs attention. There are a few things that I can no longer do. And, that is quite frustrating for me.

This section of my garden has filled in nicely. And, I love it. The fig tree is starting to leaf out.
I have herbs planted throughout the garden and the Sage is blooming with a nice purple flowers.
Wow ! The roses are putting forth a wonderful showing for the first bloom. However, the aphids and black spot are presenting a challenge more so this year than in the past.

This beauty is Oklahoma Hybrid Tea Rose and the blossoms are huge this year.

Oh, a favorite of mine is the next rose because it is always healthy and it is a beautiful continuous bloomer. It is called Popcorn Drift Rose. It provides a nice backdrop for my Angel in the White Garden.
This is Elle, another delightful hybrid with a gentle soothing color of soft pink.
Old roses are such a favorite. This rose was in the garden when I moved here 23 years ago. It is rather surprising to me since there was very little planted here. It faithfully produces huge apricot colored flowers. I do not have any idea what the name is. But, that is fine with me. We don't need to know a name to admire beauty.
Everything is coming along nicely. However, my ground cover which I started years ago with a few seeds has suffered with the continuous drought that we had for years. Because of my back injury and disability I knew I would not be able to push a lawn mower, so I decided on a ground cover.
It is called Prunella Vulgaris and is a vigorous self seeder. Some people call it a weed !! I am sure you know the definition of "a weed" !
I have big plans to recreate the ground cover with adding some top soil and broadcasting seed that I was able to order online.
This photo will give you an idea of how the ground cover looked a few years ago.
Look - how vigorous it can grow !  Even through the chair seat ! Now, that looks healthy. Don't ya think?
Let me leave you with a fun photo from google images. Oh, how I miss my furbaby, Lily. There is such a big hole in my heart!
Wishing All of You a Wonderful Weekend and a Happy Mother's Day if that is part of your life. Not all of us are the Cleaver's, the archetypal suburban parents of the baby bloomer 1950's. Sometimes life feels like a "big trade off". But, most of us have many things to be very thankful for. It just may be different than "your neighbors". Perhaps, it is a good day to do something special for someone who is a little short on feeling special. I would call that a win - win.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Are You Ready

For the Easter Bunny?          Can you wiggle your tail?

A very simple Easter Meal from a few years past.

As I recall, it was very yummy.           And, this was desert.                                     It was very good, too.

Today was a gorgeous day and I was able to do quite a lot of clean up in the garden. And, I was able to get my purple petunias planted at the edge of the Iris flowerbed. I am not sure if the iris in the new bed will bloom this year but they certainly look healthy. However, there are three different iris plants (orange rust, lavender and white) in other parts of the garden that getting ready to open. This has got to be one of the most fun years in the garden because the rains brought such beautiful results.

Tomorrow on Easter we are suppose to have rain during the day. Hopefully, all the Easter Egg Hunts will be over before the rain drops start to fall.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday, December 23, 2016

Come Back Rudolf


Happy Holidays to each and every one of you.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Chicken, Potatoes and Spinach With Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce

And, it is Very Good.

This recipe is from the website Damn Delicious. Check it out. This is a better photo. It is not a very good photo taking day here where I live.

I am very happy to tell you that I have NOT had anymore trouble with the computer scam. Everything has been "very quiet" and that is the way I like it. I have not been doing very well, however, with my motivation to work with learning Windows 10 and my new compute. I'll get there eventually. Buy the way, I really like the new wireless printer. 

We have had a couple days with sunshine. However, another rain storm is "on it's way".  Hopefully, our snow pack higher up will start to increase so our drought problems won't be so serious.

Very little Christmas decorating going on here in my home this year. Here is a little reminder of days in the past.

I look forward to next year when hopefully I will be able to decorate like I have in the past. Because I really like decorating. I just have not been able to do it this year.

I'll be back when I have something to blog.

Happy Day to You.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stepping Away

But - - - just for a little time until I get comfortable with my new Laptop (windows 10) and Printer. You know how it goes with all the Internet connections, transferring files and data, moving the old and setting up the new electronics. I have spent  most of the day with activity related to new electronics.

Unfortunately, I encountered a drop-down message this morning soon after I turned the computer on. It stated that it was urgent to call a certain phone number to ensure that my computer would not be damaged by unsafe software. Without going into detail. I will say that the activity caused me great aggravation. The long and the short of it is - It was a scam. And, it has taken a lot of time to reverse unwanted activity on my new computer. I did a lot of google information gathering and found that  there have been many complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau. If you are interested in more specifics just leave me a comment or email.

To say the least, I am very tired tonight and do not plan to blog until my computer learning curve is further along.

With all the things that are taking my attention and energy it is going to be just fine that my Christmas holidays are going to be quiet. But, don't be surprised if something comes up that I want to blog about. Like, maybe winning the lottery! HA-HA.


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