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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Have You Eaten Buffalo

Recently I was invited to my neighbors home for dinner on a Sunday afternoon. She prepared a Buffalo Roast and it was very good.

It was a really nice dinner of grass fed, rich and slightly sweet bison roast, braised until tender and juicy, nestled in a bed of many fresh organic vegetables like asparagus, carrots and mushrooms. Additionally, she served twice baked potatoes and a few side dishes. Her seasonings for the roast were exceptionally nice for a very lean meat. Red wine was a great accompaniment.

I didn't think it was appropriate to photograph so this is a google photo which looks very similar.

We had a nice visit and got to know each other. She travels a lot with her work and is not home very much. Additionally, she has two other homes, Tahoe and Napa Valley.

It was a fun evening and dinner was lovely.

I hope you had a good weekend.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

An Autumn Day

It's a rather cool day following a very rainy day yesterday. There still are some flowers blooming like White Chrysanthemums, Gardenia (who would think at this time of year) and also a White Azalea. I am surprised to see White Paper Narcissus bulbs that I planted in the garden last year starting to peak through the ground. As a gardener, it is always fun and exciting when something new in the garden starts to surface. Later, there will be tulips, lilies and daffodils.
As I sit here I can watch through the windows the leaves from the many oak trees softly drifting down from great heights as the trees are very tall. It is a very pleasant gentle sight especially if I clear my mind of future garden maintenance.

I think it is time to put the kettle on in preparation for a nice cup of tea. I am sure I can locate a flavor that will match this beautiful sunny Autumn day. Wish you could join me.


Thanks for coming by for a visit.


I Think I Got Bumped To The Bottom

I Think I Got Bumped To The Bottom
Did I do Something Wrong?