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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Some Kitchen Bling And A Holiday Decision

How is this for a dish washing soap carafe?
Thrift store finds are so much fun. I found this quite a long time ago for almost nothing! Now that's cheap!
I received the missing decals and finished applying the fleur delis decals on my mixer.

Just a couple little simple changes on the kitchen counter that help me smile.

I'm trying to decide how much if any Christmas decorations I want to decorate the house with. I am trying to keep the electricity bill as low as possible so I do not plan on a lot of outdoor Christmas lighting. And, since I do not have any expected guests visiting I may only put up a tree. I have three different realistic looking trees to choose from. Two are pre-lit, one green and one white. And, a third one which I have had for a long time and is my favorite but it in not pre-lit and I would have to string the lights and it is a big job.
This is a photo of my favorite Christmas tree from recent years.
It was decorated with pink, white, gold and silver decorations. Ornament I have collected during my limited travels and through the years. And, many of them are quite delicate and feminine. I like that this tree has frosted needles and little attached pine cones - but it is NOT pre-lit. I will have to decide pretty soon or it won't be an issue because it will be to late and the holiday will have past.

Update on Lily is about the same. Some days are better than others.

My prayers go out to ALL that are impacted by the recent Shootings/Killings in Southern California.

Wishing you a Peaceful Day.


Friday, July 10, 2015

I Dressed My Mixer Today

Yep, that is what I did. It is almost finished. I say that because awhile back when I ordered from etsy these fun vinyl decals I did not notice that 50  tiny flier delis decals were missing from the package. So, I have contacted the seller and hopefully they will be sent soon so I can finish "dressing my mixer"!

LOOK - LOOK, she no longer is naked. I think she looks great and will look even better when I apply the additional flourish of the tiny fleur delis in the open areas.

And, it is so easy.  Just place the decal and then remove the backing paper. That's all there is to it!

The backing paper comes off very easy.


When I receive the fleur delis and finish "dressing my mixer" I will be sure and post the finished product. Stay tuned.


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