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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bright Dispositions In The Home

I am sending A Lot of Sunlit Dispositions to you for this "Sunlit Sunday". Oh, the wonderfulness of a fireplace, be it wood or gas. It doesn't matter. Isn't this photo from google of these precious kitties great?  Just looking at it makes me feel so happy, calm, warm and cozy. And dare I say, makes me want another kitty cat some day.
My last Puttee Cat "Puff" traveled to the Rainbow Bridge in May 2008. She lived a comfortable life for nineteen years and during that time with two different doggies who loved her. Yes, the one thing I really miss is hearing her soothing purr. I recall many years ago (1988) when I got my first baby puppy my mind kept quietly saying why is she not purring? Funny how that works!
Puff was a very lovely and loving cat. She was very good natured and adjusted quickly with two doggies, Pixie (Yorkshire Terrier) and Lily during her lifetime. This photo was taken perhaps around Christmas 2006. By that time Lily had joined us and Puff and she were fast friends. They generally slept near each other if not snuggled together.
I tried to scan and print some old photographs without success of the two of them as well as photographs of my Yorkie, Pixie.
And here we have Lily in front of the fireplace. In time past Puff would be with Lily snuggling together on the bed getting warm. So tender and sweet.

Last, but not least, a picture of baby Lily with her siblings at about six weeks old. And, look at that tail! I call it her happy tail because it is almost always swishing back and forth.
I am joining Karen for "Sunlit Sunday" at My Little Home and Garden today.                        Please join us.
There is a lot of furry LOVE on this post today. 

Don't forget to hug your pets. They are our angels.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bright White

On a little stroll in the garden while looking for something of interest for "Sunlit Sunday" I came upon the first flowers to bloom in my little country garden in the Sierra Mountains of California. 
The Bright White of these Narcissus flowers jumped out from among the mulch, rocks and bleak landscape of the waning winter days. To me, they were a symbol of a fresh start with the purity of new born life. As the days of my life roll along it is becoming more apparent to me that my time "working in the garden" is precious and must be enjoyed to the fullest while my endurance and ability permits.

My garden is so enjoyable for me and has been a top priority for a couple reasons. My body/mind craves the sunlight especially since my home is quite dark inside even though I have had four ceiling tube skylights for several years. The trees around my little home have grown tremendously tall which blocks some of the sun and of course they produce a whole lot more leaves and pine needles to clean up most of the year. And, most noteworthy is my love of nature and the beauty it provides us especially if we pay attention.

We had a lovely sunny day in the 60's. I was able to spend about one hour in the garden, raking.

I hope this brings a little light into your life along with all the other contributors to Sunlit Sunday.

Sunny days to all of you, if not now, soon.


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