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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Look At These Lovlies

This afternoon I decided that I should use the three very ripe bananas that have been sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to end up in some banana bread. It may sound silly but I was really having a good time. And, look how beautiful they have turned out. I plan to put a little sugar glaze on top. And, I may be able to share them. That is one of the nice things about making these cute little loaves.

I am almost feeling giddy about my oven that is finally working. 

And, here is another photo of some lovlies that continue to bloom, bloom and bloom some more. From one little plant from the grocery store, I now have seven plants that are all blooming "with gusto"! Every flower looks so perfect. They almost do not look real - but they are.

It would be nice if you could join me for a cup of tea and my home baked banana bread.

Take Care.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Yummy Lunch

On a chilly windy day a Baked Potato with butter, light sour cream ( I'm laughing at how much good is light going to do) and home grown chives is very nice and tastes great. Add some cherry tomatoes and home grown Italian Parsley. And, you'll be all set.
I sure wish I had enough sun (somewhere ~ anywhere) on my property so I could have a vegetable garden. I have a really nice 4 by 8 foot raised garden bed, but since the trees (oaks, cedar and pine) have grown so large and tall the beds are now in the shade. That's a lot of tree canopy!
Tree removal is very expensive plus there probably would be a bit of an uproar about tree removal. However, I will soon have to address a tree issue at my driveway. The tree roots have invaded so much that portions of the cement have raised 6 inches and continue to cause cracking of the cement driveway. Home ownership can be "a little pricey"! Home equity loan may be something I will have to research.

In closing. Look at these lovelies that live in my living room window. They have been bringing me so much enjoyment.
My goodness how did the end of the week get here so soon? I hope you have something nice planned.

Blessings, Mary

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