"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." – Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It Puts A Big Smile On My Face

A few posts ago I told you about my best friend who passed away a little over a year ago and how we always had so much fun together. Well, she knew there were some things that I did not want Lily doing. It was like talking to a blank wall. She adored Lily and would take care of her if I was away for a few days or weeks. In her eyes, Lily could do not harm.
Well, she lived close by and during the winter  months it was not unusual for my friend to come over in the afternoon for a Hot Apple Pie - just a little hot beverage with a little Tuaca Liqueur.
As you can see my friend paid no regards to "mama's rules"! Of course, my Lily was always delighted to see my friend. Because she knew it was always going to be a happy time - and even maybe, Happy Hour!
Good to the last little lick! It looks like she could almost get her nose stuck in the glass. But, it was oh, so good. What little she could get.
Let me tell you how to make a Hot Apple Pie. Heat some apple cider with a few whole cloves until it is a little hotter than you like hot tea. Pour into a glass and add about an ounce or more of Tuaca Liqueur. Stir and then top with whipped cream and a shake of cinnamon. That's it, so easy.

I really do have some wonderful memories of things that were so simple but sharing with a friend made it so special.

I think I have some Tuaca - - - maybe that would taste good this evening after some Polish Sausage Stew.

Stay warm, maybe with a little "hot beverage"?


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