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Friday, February 24, 2017

White Stuff

No, it's not snow but HAIL. Wow, did it come down fast and heavy yesterday. I can always tell if the noise is hail by the sound of pinging on medal objects.
Before long it was looking quite white around here.
But, today the sun is shining brightly. Happy, Happy!
Sunshine - Sunshine - Sunshine.      But, it is Cold!       Earlier this morning it was in the high 20's. Lots of frost on the rooftops. 
Such a sad looking garden. However, I see lots of new growth and lots of green.
Lots of branches down along with leaves and winter debris that will have to be cleaned up. I hope I am able to do the cleanup when the weather gets warmer. But, I am not sure my body will cooperate.
The iris are showing nice growth. Have to wait some before I know more about some of the new things I planted.
Oh, a couple sweet snow drops!
And, these are the Naked Lady bulbs surrounding the sundial.
Beautiful lush green moss in many places throughout the garden.
New growth on the forsythia.                And the White Hydrangea.  Wonderful. 

This is the first time I have been outside in days. It felt good but a little nippy cold. Tomorrow, more rain and then a dry spell for about a week.

Thank you for walking with me in the garden, today.
If you garden, hope yours is giving you signs of new life. It is such a special time of year. New beginnings and all.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Today Is The Big Delivery

Yes, my new laptop and printer are expected to arrive today in the afternoon and I really am excited. I think it is my Christmas present to ME. Pretty nice one at that. However, I am not very excited about the whole set-up thing. It would be nice to have someone around to help or answer the many questions that I know I will have. In my limited contacts with people I must find someone who knows more than I do about computers.

It is chilly outdoors and I have to go out and clean up a lot more leaves. On Friday, my neighbor blew all the many many leaves off my roof for which I am very grateful. I told him I would clean up all the leaves and mess. I wasn't able to get it all finished so out I go to finish the job. I filled 5, yes, 5 more large trash barrels with leaves and pine needles.

I also was able to clean the leaf covered new Iris Garden Bed. Iris are subject to fungus, so I thought perhaps good drainage along with good air circulation may help to avoid unwanted conditions.

It looks light everyone of the newly planted are doing well. Weeds are starting to come up. If it isn't one thing it's another. One thing about the drought was that the weeds weren't much of an issue. With the rains, which are very good, means more weeds.

AFTERNOON UPDATE - - - The computer and printer arrived. I know what I will be doing tonight.

Hope your week is starting off nicely.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It Puts A Big Smile On My Face

A few posts ago I told you about my best friend who passed away a little over a year ago and how we always had so much fun together. Well, she knew there were some things that I did not want Lily doing. It was like talking to a blank wall. She adored Lily and would take care of her if I was away for a few days or weeks. In her eyes, Lily could do not harm.
Well, she lived close by and during the winter  months it was not unusual for my friend to come over in the afternoon for a Hot Apple Pie - just a little hot beverage with a little Tuaca Liqueur.
As you can see my friend paid no regards to "mama's rules"! Of course, my Lily was always delighted to see my friend. Because she knew it was always going to be a happy time - and even maybe, Happy Hour!
Good to the last little lick! It looks like she could almost get her nose stuck in the glass. But, it was oh, so good. What little she could get.
Let me tell you how to make a Hot Apple Pie. Heat some apple cider with a few whole cloves until it is a little hotter than you like hot tea. Pour into a glass and add about an ounce or more of Tuaca Liqueur. Stir and then top with whipped cream and a shake of cinnamon. That's it, so easy.

I really do have some wonderful memories of things that were so simple but sharing with a friend made it so special.

I think I have some Tuaca - - - maybe that would taste good this evening after some Polish Sausage Stew.

Stay warm, maybe with a little "hot beverage"?


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