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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pain And Other Things

Yesterday, the MRI was completed at the local hospital.  The technician was exceptionally knowledgeable, professional and very nice.  It has been several years since I have had a MRI completed at that facility.  They have a very nice new department for the MRI which has replaced a modular trailer of the past.  The report will be available to the doctor in about two days.  But, who knows when I will get the results.  It may not be until my next doctors appointment on  January 18.  I am so tired of this continual pain and I have NOT noticed any difference with the anti-inflammatory medication I started taking.
When I was leaving the hospital the technician asked me where I was parked because a Medical Helicopter was coming into the Helipad  that was nearby.  The area was already surrounded with policemen and other designated personnel.  He said I might want to leave before they arrived.  It gets very windy when those  "big birds" arrive!  Since I have never been "up close and  personal" to a landing,  I decided to go across the street and park in a parking lot and watch it come in.  It was what looked like a perfect approach and landing.
This google photo looks exactly like the helicopter I watched.  Along with emergency pickups,  they also transfer patients from one facility to another.  I did not see anything in the newspaper about any accident nearby.  And, they did not look like they were in any hurry.  Hopefully, they were just making a transfer.
About a week ago my solar vertical lift gate started to have difficulty.  And, I usually attend to it almost immediately because I have gotten accustomed to the security that I feel by having the gate.  Maybe, it is a false sense of security !  But, I think I recall hearing that the homes with the least resistance are more likely to be targeted for mischief.  This is what the gate looks like.  All of the pulleys, cables, springs, battery, etc. are housed in this big box.
Well, anyway even with my pain, it was time to fix it.  And, it looks like it is the battery  (like a car battery) needs to be replaced.  The battery is the back up for the solar.  This one lasted 7 years and I can't complain about that.  So, off to the store to buy a new one to the tune of about $100.00.  Since the battery  "weighs a ton" my neighbor it going to put the new one in tomorrow.  The new battery will stay in the trunk of my car until tomorrow.  The gate which I bought in 1996 has been exceptionally good and has required very little expense other than a replacement of a battery every now and then.

This is a good photo of THE GATE.       A photo from a few years ago when we had snow at Christmas time.

Well, I think that is it for this time.

We are having beautiful sunny weather here in California.  If you are in a snowy state I hope you are warm and safe and cozy.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thunderstorms, Weeds And Monarch Butterflies

It seems that every few days we have heavy rains, lightning and thunderstorms. Sometimes it is just for a few hours and then sometimes it is longer.
Last Friday the rain came down so hard it was like sheets of water coming off the roof. And, then there was so much hail that it almost looked like snow because the ground was so white. That storm was just before my tall white iris were just beginning to open. The elements were so heavy that the spires of white flowers were leaning over. Thankfully, they were not broken and I was able to tie them back up.

Even though the many fresh blooming flowers take a bit of a beating with the rains it is so wonderful to have the water. And, the garden is flourishing and quite lovely like I have not seen in years.

Lady Bank's Climbing Rose

And then, even without the rain my garden has more weeds than anytime in the past. I only have "so much energy and ability" to do what I do. It's been a very long time since I have used a Weed Trimmer. But, that is what is going to happen soon. I found that I still have a trimmer in my garden shed and it works but needed new replacement plastic cord. I ordered new cord and as soon as I can, I will be trimming.
I can hardly believe how tall the weeds have grown!
My ever faithful blooming Perennial Wallflower Erysimum 'Bowles' Mauve always shows up for the party regardless of who is in attendance! Remember, A weed is in fact merely a plant growing where we do not want it. ~ E.J. Salisbury, The Living Garden, 1935.

On Saturday I went "Out and About" to the Calaveras Master Gardeners' Open Garden Day to hear a presentation on "Saving The Monarchs".
Not long after I moved to the country I took the course in 1995 to become a Master Gardener. I think it is an excellent Program and it taught me so much to help me in my love of gardening.
The program on Saturday was very informative. The Master Gardeners have a very large and beautiful Demonstration Garden that the volunteers have developed in the last few years. In addition, they sell plants once a month and the highest priced plant is $3.50 ~ starting at 50 cents each.
The Monarch Butterflies have declined 90 percent in the last 20 years and it is very important to rebuild their population. Some of the reasons for the decline may be loss of milkweed plant which is needed for the monarch caterpillars to grow,  drought conditions, insecticide and herbicide use, adverse land management and illegal logging. Dragonflies, native bees, and many other beneficial insects are also facing serious challenges. Plant pollination and pest control provided by butterflies is a very important aspect of our Ecosystem.

The garden has a lovely wrought iron entrance but I did not get a photo. When I arrived there were some people that I knew from years ago and I got side-tracked.
 The two black spots on each side of the body are identifying marks of the Monarch Butterfly.
After the program I found a little restaurant called Country Bagel where I had lunch in a very nice setting. I did not take my camera in and I wish I had so I could show you what a cute place it was.

I am so happy to say that I have been feeling better than I have for a long time even with all the pain issues. So much of pain management is in the head. And, the sun has been shinning most days which sure helps me.

Wishing you Beautiful Spring Days.


Friday, April 22, 2016

Isn't She Beautiful

After yesterday's long post I thought I would share this beautiful Rose animation.

Such gentle shading and motion!

Have a Great Weekend. I'm looking forward to getting "out and about" tomorrow.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ladies And Gentlemen

Announcing that my GE Profile Range has a proper heating oven! I replaced the oven temperature sensor that looks like this
And, this is where I removed the fastening screw inside the back of the oven. It was a difficult location for me to reach. I felt like I was crawling into the oven!  What! - Hansel and Gretel!!! Check it out!
And, this is where the other end of the sensor comes out the back of the oven and is fastened to the connector that will provide electrical current when the power to the range is turned back on at the circuit breaker. Do you see the brown area on the wire coming directly from the oven above the white connector. It looked like it had overheated. This is not uncommon when the oven is not heating properly.
Now, the back of the oven was put back together.

Later in the evening I baked a small pizza - to perfection! I am so very happy. The broiler as well as the convection feature works well also. It took me a lot of time, but, so far so worth it. Twenty one dollars for the price of the part and shipping. Can you imagine what a great savings of money!

 The new microwave oven still has to be installed. Way, way to heavy for me to take care of.

The car has a new battery and that is great. However, the labor charges were more than I expected but the shop is close to me and I could walk to and fro as need be. I must admit the shop is quite high-end as auto repair shops go. But, come on now - $115 per hour! Yes, I realize the battery is housed in the left wheel-well below the engine compartment. It so happens that the last battery was only a little over two years old which means that I did get some reimbursement on the warranty. They tell me that the car needs to be driven more to keep the battery charged. I admit that I have not driven much in the last year and before that MSM always drove his car when we went out and about.

Last time when the battery was "giving me fits" I was able to take it to a auto shop that also is here in town that has been here for over thirty years and the owner is like a friend to all. He has a simple shop and does not have all the fancy computers for servicing the newer cars. But, for a battery service and oil changes he is great. He only charged me $15.00 for labor and gave me a lot of time explaining and diagnosing the problem to insure that there wasn't something else causing the problem.

I am thankful that it is all taken care of and the auto shop really did take good care of me and my car. So, anyway, I guess I need to "hit the road" more often and "get out more" as the tow-truck driver told me as well as the auto shop!

This morning I tested the oven features again and everything looks A-OK. Hopefully, it will continue to give me good service. I am looking forward to doing some baking. Cookies, muffins, cakes. Just about anything sounds good!

New toothbrush arrived and works great!  Pricey even with comparative shopping and free shipping. But, dental health is important and I have been fortunate not to need any extensive dental work in my life.

Home maintenance updates to continue in future, as well as, garden update.  I, also, have a "get out and about" idea for the weekend.

Wishing all a lovely bright and sunny day.


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