Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Rainy Day Soup

A Fabulous Hearty Soup
Some browned beef ,  some chop - chop and start opening some cans , boil some pasta and you're rounding the last curve !

I have really been enjoying my home made soups from the freezer during these cloudy and chilly days .  That Squash Soup from my home grown squash was excellent and fun to make.

Didn't plan on making soup today but yesterday I had to go to the grocery store for a non-food item and started thinking about the ingredients for this great sounding recipe that I had recently read .  I am starting to cook with ingredients soon after I purchase the ingredient so I don't find something in the refrigerator that I have overlooked .

Now - what was the non-food item ?   

When I found some broccoli in the refrigerator that was beyond "use by date" (meaning - I forgot about it) I decided to cut it up and put it in the garbage disposal .  I will preface by saying that I knew better . Because I didn't do it slowly like I should have I clogged the drain and there I was with water sitting in the sink that wasn't going anywhere with my attempts . So , I had to call in "the big guns".  Off to the store for some Drano !  Success came after about 20 minutes and I learned my lesson .

And now , I have some more yummy soup in the freezer !!! And , a nice bowl of soup and Rustic Sunflower Seed bread for lunch . 
Hope You are feeling Warm and Cozy .



  1. Many thanks indeed Mary for your comments on my blog about the blog list situation. Today it is back in working order...thank goodness. I have added you to my blog list and put you on my reading list. I am a cat lover too :-) This soup looks decidedly scrumptious!! We are great soup lovers in this household.. boiling hot in winter and cold refreshing soups in summer :-) I am now going to go back over some of your posts to get to know you a little. keep well Amanda :-)

  2. Your soup looks so tempting! Black bean soup with chicken is on our menu list for later this week. With corn bread. How frustrating about your drain. Someone in our house often puts the coffee grounds from the French press down the disposal which causes a clog (now who could that be??). Steve is an expert at unclogging the trap under the kitchen sink.


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