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Sunday, January 24, 2016

This Is Where The Water Goes And Other Things

The water that travels through my property in my "little creek" eventually ends up here in Murphys Creek and yonder. This was taken about a week ago before the last heavy rainfall in Murphys Community Park about two blocks from my home. The water at the bridge in the center of the photo looks like it is almost touching the bottom of the bridge. It happens on occasion but not for a very long time! It is wonderful to see this much water after so many years of terrible drought. Hopefully, we will get enough snow-pack up the hill so our reservoirs will benefit with a lot of water come springtime.
I am still struggling with my low back pain issues which makes me quite unhappy. The last time I saw the Consultant doctor before the holidays he recommended the undesirable (in my opinion) surgery with fusion and insertion of  "rods and screws"!!! That is a route that I never plan to take even though I have heard that recommendation many times. Throughout my nursing career and thereafter I have seen so many disasters following that procedure. Because of the length of the pathology in my lumbar-sacral spine there is a high probability that above or below the fusion the vertebral column will be stressed to the point of further herniation. I am reminded often of the surgical risk when I see a man at church that is in terrible pain and can not stand up straight and is bent forward at the waist because of a failed surgery. I have lived with this for so long and will just have to continue with stronger mind control and prayer.

The fact that I live alone and do not have a lot of outside activity (especially during winter) because of the disability ( I do not like that word) and lack of funds, it makes it more difficult to deal with the pain. I really miss My Special Man! I did go out Thursday with my little group of gals that attempt to do something different each month. We had a wonderful lunch at one of our homes and then went to the local Museum that features everything you would ever want to know about the California Gold Rush and of course about Mark Twain. The docent who guided our tour was fabulous. He was a "goldmine" (yah, that's a pun) of information. After the first 30 minutes I had to take a break and sit while the others continued. Nonetheless, it was great to see my friends and I enjoyed the outing. That was it for the remainder of the day. The couch sure looked good!
 The museum and exhibites are extensive!
This is a back pack that would have been carried by a gold miner. The barrel would be filled with dynamite and the basket on the top left could and would be filled with straw and champagne, among all things! I guess they tried to get their priorities straight.
This is a very classy funeral hearse. The feather puff balls on top indicate the age of the person being transported. The more black feathers indicate the older age. If it was a child there would be mostly white feathers. INTERESTING. There were so many interesting things that I saw and heard in the limited time I was able to participate.

I was able to go and get some groceries yesterday but I will not be able to go to church today.
The sun is shinning and it is going to be a great day.

Smiling Helps.


Monday, December 21, 2015

I Walked Across The Street

On Sunday morning and went to Church.
It has been close to a year since I have attended Sunday church services. But, it felt very good and I received a very nice welcome from so many church friends. There were a lot of new members and the church was almost filled. This was the last Sunday in Advent as well as the children's and youth's holiday pageant. The story of the Christ Child was presented in a very nice lighthearted performance with appropriate moments of laughter. I guess I would call it a "modern day" version of the pageant I remember and was in as a child.

As I wrote yesterday, I am going to start living a life again with more interaction with my community. It would be so nice to develop a friendship with another woman that I could do fun things with. So very many of the people that I have known, have passed on, especially during the last few years. During church today an announcement of a another members passing was made. And, on December 30, it will be one year since My Special Friend passed. And, I miss him so much.

Let the one's you love, know of your love NOW.

Lily update - Continues to be about the same. Happy and Loving!


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