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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Good Morning Bright Sunshine

What a joyous morning when I opened the curtain it was such a spiritual lift with what I saw!              Bright, Bright Skies.

(google photo)

Yesterday, I managed to finally go out and shop for groceries. I was a few days overdue and continually kept "putting it off".  You know how there comes a day when that no longer works. It was rainy and somewhat depressing to see all of the excess water on the roads and ground that has no where to go. It was worse than what I expected to see. I thought of using my camera but then my afterthought was no, my heart wasn't in it!

I am very fortunate that my house sits higher than my neighbors and I seldom think of water challenges when it rains heavy except to be certain that my creek/tributary is flowing unobstructed. And, boy, has it been running high and fast even when the rains stop periodically. However, the third house down from me is quite a lot lower and as I drove by yesterday I noticed that the driveway was very flooded and most likely the garage was also. I hope it will all be OK. It is a second home for the owner and I don't know if they are in town. 

Unfortunately, this kind of radical weather seldom leaves without severe casualties to life. Yesterday, a three year old girl was walking with her mother along one of the rivers and slipped and fell down the embankment and drowned to death. TRAGIC. That was the second event. A week or so ago, a man on his way to work got caught up in rushing water and lost his life. Another TRAGIC event!  

And now on a HAPPIER NOTE. Our church (which I no longer attend) is having their 6th Annual Heavenly Chocolate Festival today.     THANKFULLY THE SUN IS SHINING and prayers are answered. The Festival is very popular and well attended. And, it has shown to be a wonderful fund raiser.
This is a photo from years past. They always have the popular Chocolate Fountain. Each year it gets more spectacular. I wish them a wonderful day.
Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Monday, December 21, 2015

I Walked Across The Street

On Sunday morning and went to Church.
It has been close to a year since I have attended Sunday church services. But, it felt very good and I received a very nice welcome from so many church friends. There were a lot of new members and the church was almost filled. This was the last Sunday in Advent as well as the children's and youth's holiday pageant. The story of the Christ Child was presented in a very nice lighthearted performance with appropriate moments of laughter. I guess I would call it a "modern day" version of the pageant I remember and was in as a child.

As I wrote yesterday, I am going to start living a life again with more interaction with my community. It would be so nice to develop a friendship with another woman that I could do fun things with. So very many of the people that I have known, have passed on, especially during the last few years. During church today an announcement of a another members passing was made. And, on December 30, it will be one year since My Special Friend passed. And, I miss him so much.

Let the one's you love, know of your love NOW.

Lily update - Continues to be about the same. Happy and Loving!


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