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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Until I See You Again

Yesterday morning my Precious Lily told me that it was the day she would be leaving this life and would be going to the Rainbow Bridge and would be waiting along with My Special Man; Hans (His Schnauzer), Pixie (My Yorkie) and Puff (My Tabby Cat) for me to arrive whenever that time comes.

Hans (2013) The day He went to the Rainbow Bridge with Lily comforting him.

Puff and Lily taking an afternoon nap ( 2007).

This has been an extremely difficult time. Precious Lily had started having severe difficulty breathing. And she was no longer able to breathe if she tried to lie down. She had to sit up in order to continue breathing. She told me with her eyes that she couldn't stay with me any longer. We spent half a day together with me holding her up to my chest and carrying her outdoors for a little time while we waited for her veterinarian appointment at noontime. She was so cuddly and clung to me so lovingly. She traveled so well sitting up in her car seat and she was so ready to see our wonderful Dr. Ray. It had been one and a half years since she was diagnosed with heart disease and I am convinced without a doubt that it is because of Dr. Ray and his talent and compassion that Lily and I had this length of time together. Dr Ray telephoned me almost every Monday morning to check on Lily (and Me) during that year and a half and was very generous regarding the expenses.  
Lily meant the world to me. She was with me through some of the most difficult times of my life. Her loving tender care of me helped me so much through life's hard times. I will miss her forever but I know my grief is necessary and the pain of loss will lessen in time. I am so comforted knowing that she no longer is sick and no longer struggling for her breath.

What a beautiful life chapter I have been given by having this special dog, Lilithann sharing with me.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Forever Valentine Love

Exquisite Red long stemmed roses that I received shortly after meeting My Special Man in 2010! This was the first of many red roses I received thereafter. I keep a small bouquet of these roses dried and placed in my china cabinet. It is one of the many reminders of love, however the largest and forever reminder is in my heart!
I have no more to say, but GRATITUDE.

Wishing lots of special love to all of you in whatever your current life is presenting. YOU ARE LOVED!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

When You Live Alone

Some times it is necessary to hire some "outside help". At this busy time of year you may have to settle for less than your first choice. However, I have found that on occasion, the training of the alternative help can be quite impressive! Now, don't ask me what I am smokin' or drinkin'. I would just like a cup of coffee please, preferably Caramel Maachiato!
Just thought this was kinda cute, especially on this chilly morning that we are having. I sure hope the "outside help" remembers the cream! And, I would like mine in the holiday mug!

It is always nice to have a cup of coffee ready when a new magazine comes in the mail. This is the only magazine subscription that I have. And, it is special because My Special Man would always make sure that he was current on my subscription. It looks like there is one more issue yet to come on the subscription.
Frequently, we would watch together Americas Test Kitchen show on Saturdays PBS TV. It seemed like I always learned something that was new to me.
This coming year I hope to do more cooking and try some new recipes. I have always enjoyed cooking (for the most part) but it was a lot of fun to cook for someone else. It is just different. Especially, since I never felt like I had to cook unless I wanted to. Such a gift!

I imagine there is a lot of cooking going on about now in preparation for The Big Day. I am doing something different this year that I have not done in the past. Our local community club serves a free Christmas dinner every year at the Native Son's Hall. And, they will also deliver! In the past on one occasion I have gone to the dinner and it was extremely good and enjoyable with lots of people. I went alone (short walk from my house) and sat with people that I knew. However, everyone is very friendly. They have Santa Claus, Christmas Caroling and "the whole works".

Well, this year it is very cold here by California standards and the forecast is predicting snow fall at my elevation of 2000 feet. So, I have ordered a dinner to be delivered to me here at home where I will be nice and warm and cozy. I do not feel the least bit deprived and I am sure it will be a nice little treat with all the yummy flavors - - - and no kitchen mess to attend to. Lily and I may just find that a little nap may be in order afterwards.

I am feeling tremendous Gratitude for Feeling So Good.



Monday, December 21, 2015

I Walked Across The Street

On Sunday morning and went to Church.
It has been close to a year since I have attended Sunday church services. But, it felt very good and I received a very nice welcome from so many church friends. There were a lot of new members and the church was almost filled. This was the last Sunday in Advent as well as the children's and youth's holiday pageant. The story of the Christ Child was presented in a very nice lighthearted performance with appropriate moments of laughter. I guess I would call it a "modern day" version of the pageant I remember and was in as a child.

As I wrote yesterday, I am going to start living a life again with more interaction with my community. It would be so nice to develop a friendship with another woman that I could do fun things with. So very many of the people that I have known, have passed on, especially during the last few years. During church today an announcement of a another members passing was made. And, on December 30, it will be one year since My Special Friend passed. And, I miss him so much.

Let the one's you love, know of your love NOW.

Lily update - Continues to be about the same. Happy and Loving!


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