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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Optimistic And Grateful But Praying For Patience

Today is a Special Day .  Since June, I have been gently trying to have a telephone conversation with my daughter-in-law in regards to my son .   For various reasons that conversation was not happening. Even though on the rare occasion there was brief telephone contact she was always cordial but stated that she did not want to talk with me while my son was home.  Two weeks ago she answered my question as to why .  According to her he was having emotional difficulty when my name was mentioned .   A very important note is that she and I have never had much communication . Therefore, she only knows about me through my son .  Three days ago I left her another message stating that my Psychologist doesn't feel she can help us if there is no communication within the family members .  That was my idea and it is so very true.   My psychologist is on vacation for one month .

This afternoon she telephoned me and we visited on the phone for one and a half hours !   It was remarkable how receptive she was with what I had to say .  We were able to discuss so many topics and she was happy to learn about my experiences with him and my opinions . She said that what I had to say answered so many questions that she has had about him.  I am blessed that she really loves him even though,  as she says, "he's a strange dude" .   The conversation was a lot for her to process and as she said, it will take some time .   At the moment she is on board to work on helping him - which really means THEM .  They have been together for 12 years and have been married for 8 years .  The years have been filled with a lot of turmoil and adversity .

After all these years, he started to see a Psychiatrist on the referral of a Primary Care Physician and has been on some medication .  He has responded to it favorably and has said that he feels so much better.  My daughter-in-law retired from employment a few months ago and they were having difficulties with adjusting and that is when he went to the doctor, after she went to her doctor .  She said that she did not say anything to him about him going to the doctor .  It was HIS initiative .

They have a lot going on in their life at this time .  They are trying to sell their house and they are in the process of upgrading a house that my son bought 17 years ago, which they will be moving into . So, she says that after they are moved she will be able to get involved fully with this journey that I am very optimistic about pursuing with the professional guidance .

If interested, take a look at my post from July 3, 2017,  When-I-Was-21- - - A Distressful Post  for a little background information.

It's a New Week and a Holiday too .  Have Fun.


Friday, November 13, 2015


Blessings To All who are affected by this horrendous event.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sad And Serious - California Drought

This is the Paarrots Ferry bridge that I have to drive over every time I need to go to the stores where I do shopping other than grocery shopping. It is about a 30 minute drive to the stores. This photo was taken June 29 of this year by an acquaintance of mine as she was taking a morning walk for the purpose of seeing the water level. It is so difficult to see how devastated this area is looking as well as so much of California.

In 1993 when I moved to this area in the Sierra-Nevada Foothills this area was so beautiful - - - and still is. But, it is certainly different! I like Green a lot more than Brown! ! ! 

Look how HIGH the water level was in 2005. Photo from Internet Images.

And, another beautiful photo from 2008! Again from Internet Images.

This is the Old Melones Bridge which has never been this visible since the Melones Reservoir and Paarrots Ferry Bridge were built in approximately 1979.   And, that includes the year of 1992 when California experienced a severe drought whereby the base of the piers of the new bridge were visible.

Let's Pray for Rain as well as for The Earth and all the people who are seriously affected by all the ramifications the lack of water presents!.


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