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Saturday, July 1, 2017

There Is Going To Be A Wedding And More

In March 2018

And, this is the happy Bride-To-Be, my Granddaughter on a day recently when she shopped and found her wedding gown. I have seen a photo of her wearing the gown and it is beautiful.

And, I will show you some of their Engagement Photos.   At least, that is my understanding of what they call them even though they were officially engaged in June, 2014 in San Francisco.   So, first let's look at the 2014 photos.
And these are the recent photos next.
There lives have been so busy during the past three years and it has not been easy. Sometimes I think my Granddaughter is a  "Wonder Women".  She worked part-time, finished her education (two years) for her Bachelor's Degree and gave birth to two children and they are not twins! Because of education financing issues they waited for completion of her studies and graduation prior to marriage. She is a Stay-At-Home-Mom and they are wonderful parents. Would you say I may be a bit prejudice?  Nah!

The mechanics of living life are so very different than when I was young.  I do not know a better way to phrase those thoughts. I have quickly learned to "just roll" with the new ways and enjoy the ride. I am thrilled to be a party to any activities that my family will share with me.

As I have mentioned, I have been working with a Psychologist with a focus on repairing the  relationships with my two adult children before my journey on this earth ends. I telephoned my son's wife (daughter-in-law) and as I expected, it was good. My son has had issues since birth and hopefully todays science may be of help! His wife and I will be talking again the beginning of next week.  He is the father of my Granddaughter who is getting married.

Trust me, it is all so painful and complicated. Just like so many families. But, at least we are on our way to trying to heal. God willing and the outcome will be worth the effort. 

Over the weekend I am hoping to try to contact my daughter who in time past before her current marriage was very close to me. She may shut me down (which I fully expect), however I strongly believe her husband is the controller. The last time I saw them, he stood over me, Yelling and Screaming at me (on Thanksgiving day 3 years ago when My Special Friend was on his death bed) telling me what a terrible person he thinks I am and has always thought.  Talk about HURTFUL.  And, no one (like my daughter) came to comfort and protect me!

I parented my two preschool children as a single parent with very little support of any kind. My daughter is a Master's Degree candidate. Unfortunately, she never wrote her thesis!  And, my son is a twenty year Air Force Veteran and continues to work at an Air Force base as a civilian.

There is absolutely no contact between family members.  I'll just leave it at that!  I feel fortunate to feel strong enough to be working with what I consider to be an excellent Psychologist on this very challenging situation for me and my adult children.

Two more Daylily plants have started to bloom.
That's it for today.

Hope your July 4th weekend is starting with happy preparations.


Saturday, December 10, 2016

No Really - All Is Good

You can find some of the craziest pictures on this thing called the World Wide Web !!! She looks pretty upset to me . Thankfully, I did NOT get to that point with my recent  foray .

In fact , I am hopeful that the incident is a closed chapter . But , first of all I want to say it was the most bizarre and different type of scam then I have ever heard of . The specifics are to lengthy to reiterate .  Sometimes our current circumstances make us more vulnerable then usual . Thankfully, we are not talking about a lot of money - but any amount is too much . I think the only damage will be my singed pride. 

I took action by doing some homework on the matter and immediately called my bank and put a stop on any related transaction . I have been receiving emails and telephone calls from the "offender" that I did not respond to until I thoughtfully prepared an email to send. I am blogging the email that I sent to them only in the hopes that my experience may help someone.

My email said, "This email is to notify you that the payment for this transaction has been terminated . According to the Federal Trade Commission and California State Law 3-Day Right To Cancel I am within my legal rights to cancel .  Your business tactics have been misrepresentative and fraudulent . There is no way that a New Computer (two days ownership) was in need of your fraudulent services . I will not go into detail as I am aware that you have had numerous contacts/complaints from other individuals who have filed reports of displeasure about your business services . I will be diligent in surveillance of all of your activities that may have impact on my personal business  This is a final notice to you . I will not be responding to your phone calls or any emails ."

And that was that . The emails and phone calls have stopped . I am optimistic that this chapter will be closed . Time will tell .

We have been having slow pleasant rains for days . The snow levels are getting lower, that meaning closer to my elevation . But it is time that I leave the house and run some errands.

Hope your weekend will be a Pleasant one.


I Think I Got Bumped To The Bottom

I Think I Got Bumped To The Bottom
Did I do Something Wrong?