Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Well - - - Will You Look At That

Less than a week and I have blooming White New Dawn Roses on my new trellis !
I think it is grand and I think the trellis is going to look great as a background for the roses .

It seems as though I am always trying to clean out things that I no longer need that have accumulated during  the past 26 years living in the same place . During which time , my life has had many twists and turns which has influenced the upkeep or lack of upkeep of my 1200 square foot home . 

Very soon after installing the new trellis I was diving into some "clean-out" and it seemed as though a book fell into my hands that is titled The Garden Trellis . What an interesting coincidence !
In the 1990's I gathered a quite large collection of gardening books and I remember purchasing this book .  But , no specific plans for a trellis at the time .  However, when I bought my house and was creating landscaping on a very tight budget , I created a trellis with PVC pipe and field fencing !!!   My Trellis was accomplished with much less expenditure than any of the trellises portrayed in this book . 

The Garden Trellis is a very informative and charming little book with many photos of different trellises and how to incorporate a trellis into the garden along with photos and profiles of plants that are suitable for trellises.  It is nicely illustrated and I really enjoyed reading about the authors personal experience in working with trellises .

I got to thinking about how often lately I have thought about something and within a few days or so something closely related is in my perspective .  I think that happens to all of us at one time or another .  But , it has been happening frequently for me .

I few weeks ago while waiting in line at the pharmacy I saw a lady who looked like a lady I had known a few years ago and I had not thought of in years . A week or so later while reading the editorials in our local (very small town type) newspaper - there was her name as author of one of the editorials . 

Because I am a very curious person I got to thinking that I had never heard a name for that type phenomena .  Yes , it has a name.  And , a strange one at that ! It is called Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon .  How in the world does the German Red Army have anything to do with the experience of a thing you've just noticed or experienced suddenly cropping up ?

I'll try to tell you next time . It's weird .  Do you ever experience this phenomena ?

Until next time . Stay Well .


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  1. I knew your roses would appreciate that trellis. I have many gardening and landscape books. Some of my favorites were published by Sunset Magazine in the 1970's. I just learned Sunset has stopped publication which is sad. Baader Meinhof! That brings back memories. My father was stationed in Germany in the mid-1970's and all those radical groups were very active, causing lots of damage and injury to US troops. Baader Meinhof bombing of the base at Frankfurt caused my high school graduation from Stuttgart American High to be delayed due to an abundance of caution. I am eager to learn more about the phenomenon.


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