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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Good Morning Bright Sunshine

What a joyous morning when I opened the curtain it was such a spiritual lift with what I saw!              Bright, Bright Skies.

(google photo)

Yesterday, I managed to finally go out and shop for groceries. I was a few days overdue and continually kept "putting it off".  You know how there comes a day when that no longer works. It was rainy and somewhat depressing to see all of the excess water on the roads and ground that has no where to go. It was worse than what I expected to see. I thought of using my camera but then my afterthought was no, my heart wasn't in it!

I am very fortunate that my house sits higher than my neighbors and I seldom think of water challenges when it rains heavy except to be certain that my creek/tributary is flowing unobstructed. And, boy, has it been running high and fast even when the rains stop periodically. However, the third house down from me is quite a lot lower and as I drove by yesterday I noticed that the driveway was very flooded and most likely the garage was also. I hope it will all be OK. It is a second home for the owner and I don't know if they are in town. 

Unfortunately, this kind of radical weather seldom leaves without severe casualties to life. Yesterday, a three year old girl was walking with her mother along one of the rivers and slipped and fell down the embankment and drowned to death. TRAGIC. That was the second event. A week or so ago, a man on his way to work got caught up in rushing water and lost his life. Another TRAGIC event!  

And now on a HAPPIER NOTE. Our church (which I no longer attend) is having their 6th Annual Heavenly Chocolate Festival today.     THANKFULLY THE SUN IS SHINING and prayers are answered. The Festival is very popular and well attended. And, it has shown to be a wonderful fund raiser.
This is a photo from years past. They always have the popular Chocolate Fountain. Each year it gets more spectacular. I wish them a wonderful day.
Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Do You Hear That Buzz

Well, it has started around here. The Big Game - Super Bowl is about to happen. Even though California is not a contestant in the game this year, it's a big highlight for San Francisco and San Jose to be hosting.

All of the TV/Internet coverage about the event brings back so many memories I have from the 20 years that I lived in that part of the state of California. It really is a beautiful area with so many wonderful things to do and see as a tourist. Even with the traffic issues it is well worth the effort. San Francisco is a fabulous city to play in! I was fortunate to spend quite a lot of time in the City at the lovely historic hotel dining rooms and "Night Spots". The lounges were usually on the top floor of the tall hotel buildings. Watching the fog roll in over the City or Bridge was a lovely sight. Live theater was always enjoyable. The whole area has so many pleasures to enjoy. There was a time when I thought I would like to live there. That was many years ago when it was a lot safer. I guess that applies to everywhere we go these days.

San Jose was the area where my children and I lived during a lot of their childhood. When my daughter became 19 years old we went into the city and I gave her a Spa Day at Elizabeth Arden Beauty Salon (facial, perm, massage, pedi/manicure and of course lots of pampering) as her gift. At that time, that was "a big deal". Of course, now the spa experience is  a lot easier to arrange.

In addition to "playing in the City", during the late 80's, my work as a Disability Medical Case Manager RN took me to the City for Medical Conferences at various hospitals and medical offices which helped with coordination of the health care and benefits for the disabled patients/clients.

Well, I could go on and on but I won't. It always amazes me with the words/topics that jump onto the computer screen when I start to write a post. Especially if I don't have a lot swirling around in my head about the topic I start with. Does that ever happen to you?

While I have been writing this I have been watching the TV special of the past years Super Bowl Half-Time Ceremonies. At this moment Bruce Springsteen is performing. Talk about memories!

Oh, and the weather for the Game is suppose to be in the 70's. I heard that it is the best weather for the weekend since Thanksgiving. How wonderful!

Hope you have a great weekend.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Went To See A Storyteller

Have you ever gone to a program that was presented by Professional Storytellers? Oh, you must, if you ever have the opportunity.
It was a few years ago that I first attended such a program. There were several renowned presenters from far and near. Prior to that experience, I did not realize there were Professional Storytellers. Was I ever surprised with the talent of those individuals!

Even though I live in a small mountain community, we are blessed to have a lot of Creative Arts activities that take place all year long. "There's a lot of talent in them thar hills." There is always  something to do whether it be theater, art galleries, featured artist showing, pottery exhibits where pottery is being made, musicals, poetry telling/readings, dance and many more. I think you get the idea.

Well, this past week I decided that it is time for me to get more involved with the life around me. So, yesterday I jumped in my car and went to hear the storyteller. This was a one person show and the presenter is well known in this community. She also attends the same church where I am a member. She is extremely talented and I have heard her numerous times. It fascinates me how the tone of voice, animations and facial expressions can make a simple story become mesmerizing. What a talent.

I saw several people that I know and it was great to get out and do something I enjoy. It was such a busy day. First, I went to the post office, then dropped off my checks at the water district office and sanitary district office. Then down the road a spell, I went to Starbucks because I had run out of coffee at home. They were out of my favorite Caramel Macchiato latte, so I had a Pumpkin Spice latte along with a little piece of coffee cake. Yum-yum! Let me tell you, it is a rare event these days for me to go to Starbucks. But, it was so nice to sit at the window and read my newspaper among a little hustle-bustle. Next on the to-do-list was the pet and farm store to get Lily's food. Since she was diagnosed with her heart condition, she has been on a special food (very healthy and nutritious) that is not sold at my grocery store. On my way back I stopped to grocery shop. I kid you not, every time I buy groceries I am sure the prices are higher than the last time.

I had enough time to take my groceries home and then I was off to see (not the wizard) but the Storyteller. It was a Very Good Day.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


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