"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." – Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Heavens Opened And The Raindrops Fell

What wonderful blessings in each and every rain drop. A day and a half of fabulous moisture penetrated our harshly parched land here in the West. Thankfully the snow is falling in the higher elevations starting to rebuild the snowpack that is so important. It was a fairly gentle rain most of the time with some brief periods of heavier downfall. Hopefully, any mudslide,  flooding issues are at a minimum. I can't help but fixate somewhat on the wildfire survivors who are experiencing more and more challenges. Please God, give them strength and solidarity to continue moving forward to a more peaceful, organized, warm and safe lifestyle. And, hopefully a return to some normalcy!
This morning, The Sun is Shining Brightly and everything looks so fresh, bright and shiny outdoors. Before the rains started I was able to do a little transplanting in the garden of some White Iris that I had saved in a few pots as well as Lambs Ear.
This is the White Iris and I do not know the name because it was a "pass-along plant" from one of my neighbors a few years back.
The Iris are going to be spread out through the white garden. I have been concentrating on the White Garden because. I would like to have it filled in for the first time with many plants so there are some white flowers blooming throughout the year.
Many things on my "to do list" today. It is time to get started.

Have a Wonderful Day.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Did You Have A Good Day Yesterday

I ask because I hope it was better than mine. Maybe, we could play "Can you top this?" No, let's not. Well anyway, there were two noteworthy experiences. One inconvenient and one disgusting.

OK #1 - I locked myself out of the house! So, I worked outside until I decided what to do. Get this! I eventually poked my head, right shoulder and right arm through the small pet door and used a long handled item to open both the deadbolt and door knob lock. Good thing I am still a little gal. I got a lot of dirty outdoor work accomplished while pondering what "my attack" would be. Success was predicated on the fact that the pet door was not locked from the inside. Yes, I have an extra key outdoors that I faithfully return after using. However, I used it the day before and it was sitting on the dining room table. Am I getting old and forgetful? Impossible, right.

OK #2 - Hold your hat on for this one! At 2 AM, Lily had to go outside (her medications for her heart problems include a diuretic) and she was sprayed in the face by a skunk. That is a first for her and I hope the last. It was just a couple days ago that I was thinking how nice it was that Lily had not had an encounter with a skunk during her 10 years of life. It wasn't to bad, mostly her eyes. My heart hurt for her and her puzzlement over "What Happened?"

Living in the country has it's very own activities that are unique to the area. Some day when I have time I will tell you the story about the first time (in 1994) when my little Yorkie was sprayed. Remember, I was a city girl prior to moving here.
What a weapon he carries! Trivia - both male and female skunks spray, males especially during mating  -  against other males!
I hope your day is nice and calm. I think maybe I should sit in a chair in the house all day.


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