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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Slow Down

The days are flying by for me possibly because I am not able to physically take care of things like I have in the past.  And, my self imposed stress is causing me difficulty.  I have some deadlines to meet and I have not been able to get started with my afghan crocheting as I had hoped.  In a couple weeks my time management should go smoother for me.
I am very happy to say that I have an appointment the first of February with the Orthopedic Surgeon (that I trust) so I can discuss any recent developments in pain management procedures and his recommendations regarding my age and future pain relief to help me function to the best of my ability.

Since I feel pulled in many directions I will not be bloggling very regularly until I feel less stressed and in better control.

Give yourself time to Take Care Of Yourself .


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Looking Forward To A First

On Friday I will be starting a CAL (Crochet-Along) Woodland Afghan under the direction of Lucy at Attic 24  .  It will be the first time I have ever joined a blog group to crochet a project.

I already have my yarn.  Aren't the colors pretty?  I ordered it from Lucy's homeland in England and the price and shipping were very reasonable .

Oh, I know -  I have lots of yarn but how fun is it to have new colorful yarn.  I am hoping that joining a CAL will help get me on track and stick with it.  I can't tell you how many times I have "beat myself up" for not finishing a project.  But, I am not going to do that anymore.  I now look at it as a pleasureful time with my yarn and I don't have to always finish a project. 

"THE SKY ISN'T GOING TO FALL" !!!  I have known people that never buy new fabric or yarn until the last project is finished.  But, I can count the number of people on one hand.  At this age, if the sky does fall - oh well!

The term WIP  (Work-In-Progress) is no longer going to cause me any concern. I am going to just listen to the click-click of needles or quietness of my hook and settle into peaceful enjoyment.  However, I don't doubt that working along side other crafters will provide added motivation when and if I get to the first lull (it happens to most of us) on such a big project. 

If you have interest in the afghan project, be sure and check out Lucy's blog.

I still have more work to finish with paperwork on finances and life matters.  But, I am mostly finished. Our weather has been quite nice.  We are suppose to get some rain tonight.  Actually there are three small weather fronts on the way.  We really need some rain badly.  We are very below average rainfall.

Stay well.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Yes, It Is March

And, my flowers are from the garden. How wonderful is that? But, what a terrible time I have had trying to get this photo to look halfway decent! I hope it is just the lighting and not my camera. No, it could not possibly be me. HA, HA, HA. It really is kind of sad. I have a wonderful little camera but I have never learned to use all the settings and there are many. Maybe, my difficulties taking photos lately will push me to learn to do better.
The crocheted Spring colored doily is something new that I recently completed. I am beginning to think that it may be nice to make some more and I could use them as place mats especially for spring time. The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK and the yarn is washable which is a nice added plus for table dressings. The pattern is called an Easter Mandala by Crafternoon Treats-April-2015.

We have been very blessed with heavy rainfall for the past several days. Several inches of rain and snow has been wonderful for the state's water supply. In the last few days we have had over four inches of rain. The snow level is quite close to me at 3,500 foot elevation. Unfortunately, the high winds have been fierce and caused trees and branches to fall. And, another storm that is expected to be colder is forecast for next week which could potentially produce significant rain, wind and snow.
This photo is from today's newspaper. 

The days are getting a little easier for me to deal with the loss of my Precious Lily. And, I am thankful.

Where ever you are I wish you a Warm Heart and Warm Hands.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Almost Finished

But, then, maybe not. I have not decided how large I want it to be. I probably will use it on my dining room table.
It has been a lot of fun because there are so many variations in the stitches. And, the color combinations are endless. It is a good opportunity to use yarn from "the stash". I am using Cascade 220, Peruvian Highland Wool that I used to make The Babette Blanket (below) a few years ago.
The pattern is the center mandala of Betty's Blanket. The photo below is an Internet image. Click the link for the pattern.
Unfortunately, the lighting this evening is not very conducive to taking photos of my mandala.
And, this photo below is of Sophie's Garden. Image is from the Internet. Click the link for pattern.
I enjoy picking up a crochet project most evenings. Especially when I am working on something that is interesting and not repetitive stitching. Of course, in full disclosure, I have many different projects waiting on the sidelines to be finished. I have always been in awe with people that finish each project before starting another. I have only known one lady from the past who approached everything she did in that manner. I think that is a behavior that was more the norm years ago before a lot of people had any discretionary funds. We humans don't seem to have the discipline like times past, like following the depression. It makes me wonder why most of us - have too  much STUFF. That's a joke!

The evening is getting chilly and it is time to snuggle with Lily and do a little "stitchy stuff".
It is always difficult for me to take "good" pictures of Lily. She is a very happy baby but I never seem to be able to get her to smile when I take a  picture. Unfortunately, she is exhibiting more symptoms of her heart disease. We are regularly in touch with the Vet. She does not seem to be in any pain. But, probably next week we will go to the Vet for at least some lab work. I love her so much!

Kiss your children and pets!


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Have You Heard About The Yarn Bomber

I have heard of yarn bombing but I did not know that there was the distinction of Yarn Bomber given to one person. However, it looks like if anyone deserves to be called "The Yarn Bomber",  the creator of this project may be the one.

Red Heart Yarn was donated for the project!
A few statistics for you:
1 crocheter
2+years of work
1089 square feet
approximately 25 miles of yarn

The size was established by the aid of a professional surveyor! The gentleman (YES - gentleman) that crocheted this is hoping to win the Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Granny Square. Check out for more interesting facts and photos.

Enjoy and have a good day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Am Having So Much Fun

It's almost noon and I am still in my nightgown! But, who cares. I think I may be involved in an addiction! ! ! Look at these beautiful colors in these mandalas. It is so much fun selecting the color combinations. Some look better than others. It's "in the eye of the beholder". I think we all have favorite colors.

 What do you think? Aren't they grand? For the past few weeks crocheting has been consuming my time. I am loving making these mandalas. I have already given two mandalas as gifts. I enjoy giving "Just Because" little gifts, I guess it is like little "Random Acts Of Kindness". None of these mandalas are finished. Weaving in ends and blocking will make them look real nice.

Next time I will share the story behind mandalas, in case you haven't learned.

This post has been put together faster than any in the past. I picked up my camera and shot a photo of what I was crocheting while I was sitting in the middle of yummy colors,    Just had to share my current "pure enjoyment". Retirement is great. Less guilt!

Have fun today and take time for yourself.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shades Of Pink With Sweet Loveliness

Oh, how sweet The BABY (my new Great Granddaughter) is among the loveliness of flowers and a mandala thrown in for a little whimsy!

I feel like I am finally coming alive again following many months of living day at a time in recovering from a very traumatic past year. It has been a little over six months since My Special Friend passed away - and - I am doing GOOD. And, I am very thankful that the dark days seem to be in the past. I am returning to the creative things that I enjoy so much in my life. 

But, let's talk about that precious baby, My first Great Granddaughter. She was born on April 24 into a wonderful little family. A great mommy and daddy and a loving little brother.

Her BIG little brother (almost two years old) was waiting patiently for her arrival and has been such a good little brother and helper!

I have not been able to see the family since she was born. But, I sure look forward to the visit. That sweet little smile just lights up my life! And, she really got lucky in getting the Best Mama in all the world. My Granddaughter is such a natural at mothering and loves every (almost) minute of it.


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