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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Feeling Buried - Not Litterly

But, certainly "In Paper" .      How can it be so ?
Well, I am still at it.  Reading  millions of words in preparation for making major financial decisions which will affect my life.  More accurately stated  -   putting in place all legal documents that potentially will provide the best retirement in all aspects of my remaining life.   What a job?

But, I think I am making good progress.  However, about the time I think one category/project is completed I receive a document that raises a question that I have to follow-up on.

Unfortunately, I have discontinued work on my "Last Will and Testament"  because I was not happy with the way my options were presenting.  So, I have paid $945.00 for "fee of services" at $250.00 per hour and I have closed the file for now.  Very perplexing and stressful.  Fortunately though,  all the new documents are in draft form and I will be able to utilize all of it as my forward direction is  determined. 

Additionally, I am working on my home mortgage with the intent to utilize every available asset to the best of my advantage.  Fortunately, in this day and age there are numerous scenarios that are advantageous for me to evaluate thoroughly with a focus on my particular circumstances.  This process has been very time consuming. And, I am very optimistic.  AS well as, very grateful for the financial assets that I have worked so diligently to accrue - - - - - - - and maintain .  I am meeting with a Notary Public on Saturday to have necessary documents notarized for future procedures.

Living in a world of high technology presents a situation of always having to be alert to changes caused by inadvertent activity by oneself of others who navigate through the mechanisms of the many commonplace Electronic Devices of today.  These "little surprises" have become commonplace in our day to day lives.  Just look at the huge amount of Forums on the Internet that are available for sorting out problems associated with "Our Devices" !       Yes, I have been visited by the "How Did That Happen Mystery Creature".              I recall a simpler time ! ! !

Super good news this afternoon.  The MRI has been authorized and scheduled for next Tuesday.

Let's end on a lovely Holiday Flashback of 2010.  I was very surprised with a beautiful Christmas Bouquet from a Dear Friend from New York.  It was totally unexpected and totally enjoyed .

Holiday Wishes.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Hectic Days Make For Hectic Pain And Some Whimsy

Thank goodness I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon.  He has been out of his office for two weeks!   I want to request an MRI because "things in my back" are definitely changing and not in a good way.  Since I can not take pain medication I feel we certainly need to know the current pathology of my back before selecting a treatment plan.

Presently, I have more stress than usual because I am still working on issues of important decisions that affect my life, mostly financial.  I do not think changing supplemental medical insurance plans should be so difficult and confusing.  Even though I am using the same carrier the process has been long and detailed with thorough inquiry of each answer on the application.   I am thankful I have not had any major medical issues in the last two years.  Previous medical conditions seem to be a huge issue!  I expect to receive all the policy documents today.  That's one more item I can mark off my  "to do list".

I am so tired of reading "fine print" in preparation of making current decisions which are necessary.  Also there is added difficulty with making all these decisions on my own without input from a trusted person.   These are just a couple areas I am working on.  For the most part everything is going well but these are very important decisions and it causes me a lot of stress and my pain level is getting near to unbearable .
Let's go in another direction.  My doctor has suggested that I have a glass of red wine in the evening for medical reasons not psychological.  Well,  I have never been much of a drinker and don't enjoy sitting alone with "my wine".  This subject took me in another direction. It's just a little Flashback.

This is an interesting piece of furniture in my home that I have enjoyed using in the past.
No longer is it stocked.  But, I think this type of bottles and glassware are very pretty.
 I enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of this piece of furniture and have never seen another one like it.  About seven years ago I bought it from Ebay.  At that time I was able to find several pieces that were very affordable even with shipping expenses.

Oh, I must show you this unusual plant stand.  It has beautiful hand carving from a tree log.  The detail is remarkable.  The skirt is separate from the base. What Craftsmanship!  I believe it is one of a kind.
 It certainly has been a fun conversation piece.  The delivery man said that it sure got a lot of attention at the warehouse!    And look at the detail on the shoes.  I truly love WHIMSY. 
Happy Holidays

Have a Great Day


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside

And, the electrical central heat is running continually. So, it is time to turn on the pilot light of the propane fireplace because I believe it is less expensive to heat the house.
And I sure want to keep my Little Snuggle Bug warm enough. She just came in from being outdoors and I haven't taken her little pink hoodie off yet. She went straight to the fireplace. It is such a good and cozy place to be on a cold evening.

Ever since I replaced my wood burning stove about ten years ago I have been so very happy with the propane heat in the wintertime. The house warms up in no time at all. It has a blower and thermostat control which I am very happy about purchasing extra.

I always enjoyed having a fireplace and the smell of the wood burning. But, I do not miss the buying, stacking, carrying of the wood and then the cleaning and disposing of the wood ash. I am happy that I no longer contribute to the threatened air quality. There are still a lot of people that use wood in their fireplaces here in the mountains. I have full understanding because it is less expensive. Installation of the propane line and new fireplace can be costly.

I refinanced my mortgage several years back so I could afford some upgrades of this 1972 built house. It is a very good house, well built, great location and "has good bones" as they used to say! I certainly do not live in a fancy home but it sure is cozy. I am truly blessed to have had the foresight in buying this house 22 years ago. And, most importantly - - - staying put. I have lived in this home longer than any other place. After having to rent and live many places in over twenty years prior I am truly blessed. It certainly was a challenge to save for the down payment but the rewards and return on the money has been unmeasurable!

HOME SWEET HOME - - - Winter 2013

I hope you are staying warm, cozy and dry.


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