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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Feeling Buried - Not Litterly

But, certainly "In Paper" .      How can it be so ?
Well, I am still at it.  Reading  millions of words in preparation for making major financial decisions which will affect my life.  More accurately stated  -   putting in place all legal documents that potentially will provide the best retirement in all aspects of my remaining life.   What a job?

But, I think I am making good progress.  However, about the time I think one category/project is completed I receive a document that raises a question that I have to follow-up on.

Unfortunately, I have discontinued work on my "Last Will and Testament"  because I was not happy with the way my options were presenting.  So, I have paid $945.00 for "fee of services" at $250.00 per hour and I have closed the file for now.  Very perplexing and stressful.  Fortunately though,  all the new documents are in draft form and I will be able to utilize all of it as my forward direction is  determined. 

Additionally, I am working on my home mortgage with the intent to utilize every available asset to the best of my advantage.  Fortunately, in this day and age there are numerous scenarios that are advantageous for me to evaluate thoroughly with a focus on my particular circumstances.  This process has been very time consuming. And, I am very optimistic.  AS well as, very grateful for the financial assets that I have worked so diligently to accrue - - - - - - - and maintain .  I am meeting with a Notary Public on Saturday to have necessary documents notarized for future procedures.

Living in a world of high technology presents a situation of always having to be alert to changes caused by inadvertent activity by oneself of others who navigate through the mechanisms of the many commonplace Electronic Devices of today.  These "little surprises" have become commonplace in our day to day lives.  Just look at the huge amount of Forums on the Internet that are available for sorting out problems associated with "Our Devices" !       Yes, I have been visited by the "How Did That Happen Mystery Creature".              I recall a simpler time ! ! !

Super good news this afternoon.  The MRI has been authorized and scheduled for next Tuesday.

Let's end on a lovely Holiday Flashback of 2010.  I was very surprised with a beautiful Christmas Bouquet from a Dear Friend from New York.  It was totally unexpected and totally enjoyed .

Holiday Wishes.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Through The Window

The beautiful fall colors are so wonderful especially when I open the dining room drapes in the morning.  The beautiful burst of color the first thing in the day is so energizing .   And, I need all the energizing I can get !  It rained most of yesterday so it is great to see the bright sunshine .

My physical pain, especially left low back with radiation down to my ankle has been horrendous for a few weeks now .  My other joints, especially my knees and shoulders have also been problematic .  In years past both shoulders have been diagnosed with partial rotator cuff  tear .  I have been able to avoid shoulder surgeries by conservative rehabilitation .  I really - really - really do not want to ever have surgery again .  Remember, I do not have anyone to help me postoperatively.  A great deal of the time I am having a lot of difficulty  just walking !  I have a  medical appointment on Monday.

My reality is that friends that would and could help me have passed on .  And, you know my lack of family involment .  Recently,  I read an interesting quote that I think sums up my situation quite well .  "Old age is an island surrounded by death" .

Time to change the subject.  Yesterday , I made some very good soup .  And, that made me very happy  because for quite a long time I have had more failures (which has made me feel terrible)  in the kitchen than what I would like to admit .  And, that is far from my norm .

This is Pasta e Fagioli Soup from Allrecipes.  It was very easy, quick and flavorful.  I used what I had available and subbed small elbow macaroni for the seashell pasta.  Freshly grated parmesan cheese adds a nice additional flavor .  Cheese makes everything better - don't ya think?

And, here is a little something that also makes me VERY HAPPY  .

The Holiday Cactus plants are loaded with buds and are starting to bloom !  I have three plants and they all look great .  Last year they hardly had any flowers for some unknown reason .  So this is great .

Hard to believe that we are at the end of another week .  Wishing a Good Weekend to all.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Late Coming To The Party

But, maybe not. I did not know that there are three different kinds of holiday cacti. They are Thanksgiving Cactus, Christmas Cactus and Easter Cactus.

These photos are from my home from years past. This year all three plants are setting buds and there are three blossoms that are open. OH, SO BEAUTIFUL! This years photos to come to you when the plants are in full bloom.
Some of the following information is from the website, Gardening Know How

The three common holiday cacti, named for time of year the blooms appear, include Thanksgiving cactus, Christmas cactus and Easter cactus. All three are easy to grow and have similar growth habits and care requirements.
Although these familiar cacti are traditionally available in shades of red, today’s holiday cactus varieties come in magenta, pink and scarlet, as well as yellow, white, orange, purple, salmon and apricot. Although all three are native to Brazil, Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus are tropical rain forest plants, while Easter cactus is native to Brazil’s natural forests.
The three types of Christmas cactus plants (holiday cacti), are primarily recognized by the time of bloom. Thanksgiving cactus blooms in late autumn, about a month before Christmas cactus. Easter cactus displays buds in February and blooms around Easter.

Different types of holiday cactus are also differentiated by the shape of their leaves, which are actually plump, flat stems. 

I have not been able to distinguish the type of cactus that I have by the leaf shape. They all look the same to me. And, maybe they are all the same!

 Thanksgiving cactus is often known as lobster cactus because the edges of the leaves are hooked, giving them a claw-like appearance. Christmas cactus leaves are smaller with smooth edges, and Easter cactus leaves have a more bristled appearance.
Unlike regular, desert-dwelling cactus, holiday cacti are not drought-tolerant. During active growth, the plants should be watered whenever the surface of the potting mix feels dry to the touch. Drainage is critical and the pots should never stand in water.
After flowering, water the holiday cactus sparingly until the plant completes its normal dormant period and new growth appears. A period of relative dryness is especially important for Easter cactus, which isn’t a tropical plant.
Holiday cactus prefers dark nights and relatively cool temperatures between 50 and 65 degrees F./10 and 18 degrees C.
Holiday cactus is easy to propagate by breaking off a stem with two to five segments. Set the stem aside until the broken end forms a callus, then plant the stem in a pot filled with a mixture of sand and sterile potting mix. Be sure the pot has a drainage hole in the bottom. Otherwise, the stem is likely to rot before it develops roots.
I hope you enjoyed this little info post about a lovely holiday plant. I sure enjoy my holiday plants.
I also have 3 Amaryllis Bulbs that are starting to "show some green".
Do you have some holiday special plants?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

It Did Not Disappoint

Look at the beauty of these magnificent amaryllis flowers. And, there is a second blossom to come! So many bloggers have shared their beautiful photos of the special Christmas flowers. I never tire of seeing them. In the past I have received red and white blend amaryllis and hopefully next year a can order a bulb for something just a little different. I haven't seen any in the stores around here. But, whatever color I have I know I will be just as thrilled.
Seasonal Christmas plants/flowers have always been very special to me.

This is a photo of Lily a few years ago during a trip to Yosemite. She always has loved traveling.
Lily UPDATE - She is having a little more difficulty with her symptoms. These episodes come and go. But when they persist more than a day I get very worried. At the moment she is resting/sleeping next to me. She has just come in from running around outside. Her chest is enlarged because of the fluid and her enlarged heart. And her breathing fluctuates from calm slow rhythm to more labored with some coughing/gagging. She has really amazed me with her stamina, loving temperment and tenaciousness to live. I have not seen any distress in her face. She generally seems very happy and she likes all of the attention that I give her - lots of hugs, cuddling and kisses. Believe me, I will not let her suffer.

Pretty fancy car seat. Don't you think? Nothing but the best for my sweetie!

Stay warm.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I Did It Again And A Little Floral Beauty

Yep, the crockpot is filled with my good standby Polish Sausage Stew which is so easy, fast, yummy and good for me with all that sauerkraut. 
And, I always try to remember to add some caraway seeds and a few slices of an apple. The original recipe doesn't call for it but I like the added flavor.
If you toast the caraway seed carefully for a few seconds it gives the Stew additional flavor.
This is a Honey Crisp apple that is a good eating apple, so I will put it in the crockpot near the end of cooking so that it doesn't get to soft. Just a little crunch is nice. And, of course Granny Smith is always a great choice for cooking apples. At the end of the crockpot cooking Monterey Jack cheese will be mixed in and some more can be added as a garnish at the table.
This is just before I put the lid on to start cooking. It is 10 AM and it will bring a nice aroma of home cooking to the house.


All three of my Christmas Cactus plants are blooming nicely. This cactus is more apricot than red. LOVELY! It has been only a few years that I have had Christmas Cactus in my home and now I can't imagine not having them.

Additionally, I am awaiting the open blooms of an Amaryllis plant. Photos will be coming, of course.

Take time to Smell The Flowers, especially Roses and Paperwhite Narcissus.


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