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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fun With Something New In The Garden

This is something new for me. Never have I tried to grow outdoor garden Amaryllis. Last year I planted this bulb and look what I have this year.
A few days ago I was nicely surprised to notice this healthy looking blossom about to burst open!
Certainly worth the $2 .98 that I paid. Maybe, I should have bought more? It sure looks happy where it is planted so maybe it will spread and produce more flowers in the future.

So fun to watch it grow. Yes, that's the way we gardeners roll!
And, look at those Dusty Miller plants. I have never seen them grow that tall in the past.

WOW.  WOW.  WOW.  It opened so fast today.  There will be two blooms and they are lovely. Just like the picture. About six inches across.
It has been a nice Saturday Surprise.

I continue to try and work play in my garden about two hours a day. I so much enjoy it but I am having a lot more pain in my back and down my leg. And, unfortunately, there isn't much else that doesn't hurt as well.    Knees, shoulders, ankles, fingers, neck - you names it. OK here is my faithful saying - - - It is what it is!

Wishing a Wonderful Weekend to all. I am linking up today with Dishing It and Digging It  .

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