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Saturday, October 17, 2015

And, They Weren't Kidding

This morning The Weather Channel had a local advisory alert reporting a Flash Flood Warning for our county including the wildfire area until 10:30 AM.

Shortly after I heard the alert it was as if the sky opened up and torrents of rain started to fall. I could hardly believe how heavy and loud it was. In addition there was thunder and lightening. My poor little dog, Lily seemed frightened "out of her skin". Comforting her was my number one job!

This picture was taken from my front door. The water was coming in sheets across the patio even though the area is sheltered by many large trees.

I did not want to go outside in the rain so these pictures were taken from doorways. 

I am so hopeful that the people in the burned out areas were not severely affected by this event. It was fairly brief but of course there is a high level of danger with mud slides and other inconveniences - especially if you are living in a tent or other less desirable situations. 
The world needs our prayers!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Up Close - Real Close

Today was a day to get together with three of my friends that try to spend one day a month together . We just decide about a place to see, a place to eat or who knows what. There are so many things to do and see "in our own backyard" so to speak. It is  always very casual and sans makeup or anything fussy.

One of us wanted to take lunch fixings to our friend who was in the middle of the disastrous wildfire and did not know for days if their home was burned down. Their house sits on 10 acres and five houses around them were burned and ashes were all that remained.

The firefighters were able to save their house partly because of the good "defensible space" that they try to keep around their house. This is their house at the far left of the picture. You can see all the blackened ground around the big trees. IT (the fire) was really really close.
And this is the front porch that I have sat on in the past when everything surrounding it was green and lush.
 This is looking from their house out to their greenhouse that did not survive the fire!
 This is what is left of the greenhouse with the damage. The pile lower center is burned oranges and a couple orange trees. The greenhouse had been filled with organic produce.

 Some more pictures as we walked around some of the property.
 It is horrendous but they feel very blessed to have their house.
They are still is a state of disbelief, horror, confusion and fatigue as they live through the process of returning to some form of normalcy and dealing with all the bureaucracy. It seems like it is the ol' saying "get ready to wait."
 The house is owned by our friend on the left. Along with her husband we enjoyed a great lunch.
And, to sum it up as we drove away one of their neighbors was in the middle of the ashes where his house sat. And, he is the neighbor that called them at 3 AM to tell them the fire was coming over the ridge and they better get out!
I do not think I did justice to this post. It is so difficult to describe what we saw!
It was so good to be with friends and also spend some time with the homeowners.
Let's all count our blessings and pray for the less fortunate and reach out with a helping hand.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Head Has Been Swirling

So much has happened during  the past seven days and my emotions have swirled the full spectrum.

First off, I want you to know that even though it has been an unusual week I still remind myself, on a regular basis throughout each day that My Gratitude List is long!!!

Yesterday, the Advisory Evacuation was lifted for my area. The firemen have done an exemplary job. I imagine some of them will be traveling to the Valley Fire. I sure hope they are getting enough rest. This was at one of the many staging areas.

Next, I would like to show you a picture that I find absolutely stunning, for lack of a better descriptor. Look at the tire tread rubber. It almost looks like art work! Perhaps like a springy slinky! I hope you do not think I am weird, just looking beyond the severe reality of the disaster.
I continue to be in awe with the devastation and hardship from the fires. Neighborhoods have been completely annihilated. I certainly am thankful for my safety and house. This was an experience that I will never forget. Last Saturday was particularly difficult for me. On that day I felt so much uncertainty and dismay.
Moving right along with a different topic. I have spent two days in doctor's offices this week specifically for my chronic back issues which have increased significantly starting approximately two months ago. I will try to make this succinct as I can. The characteristics of my back pain have changed markedly. It is constant and burning and travels down my leg. For the past month I have  been taking a new medication. The same medication was prescribed several years ago and I was unable to tolerate the side effects. Well, this time I am determined to make it work for me. The first couple weeks I was totally useless and wanted to sleep all day and night. The pain level is less and that is a real motivator. The dosage is being increased gradually as the side effects are less. I guess I am getting accustomed to feeling light headed. I do not like it and I have to be very careful that I do not fall. The pain had been so bad before this medication and this is encouraging. My MRI shows increased deterioration of my spine along with the scoliosis. The surprising item is that the lumbar spine has rotated 45 degrees. More nerves are being compressed. No wonder my pain has changed. In addition, during the past year I have lost one and a half inches in height! Next time I will talk about what the Physiatrist/Rehabilitation Specialist had to say.
This beautiful red rose named Oklahoma was blooming during the fires. During the early morning each petal was glistening with the nights dew.
I continue to enjoy my garden and especially the recent blossoming gladiolas. Pink glads are starting to peek out in the center bottom of the photo.
Beautiful Pastel Blue
The White Autumn Clematis is at its peak of gloriousness.
I am so blessed that the ash has stopped falling.
That's all folks. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Things Are Getting Better

Yes, It was wonderful when a light rain started last evening. Needless to say, I'm feeling very tired even though Lily and I had a great night's sleep. The last that I know is that the fire is 37% contained. I think houses destroyed is over 200!!!!!! The Valley Fire north from here is so terrible and much worse than what we have been having. Prayers are so important. So, please pray for them, as well as for us!

Someone posted the "Raining photo" and I thought it would bring a little lightness to the day.

Buy the way, I am having a terrible time with Blogger. I do not have the patience today, Spacing is driving me nuts! Don't know how much I will be able to blog today.
This has been the scene throughout the last few days. This was taken at the corner in front of the church that I walk to on Sundays. It is about five houses away from mine. AMAZING.



Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Am Still In My Home

I am going to post some photos of the Butte Fire for which I take NO credit for photography. Some are watermarked. I am currently on Advisory Evacuation but NOT Mandatory Evacuation. The fire is less than two miles from me and my home. Again I am so blessed in that I live in town.

I don't seem to be able to download some of the photos I had planned. I know I am very exhausted
from the stress and the poor air quality. These last two photos are stunning photography, aren't they? The others are HORRENDOUS - SAD.

Eighty nine houses have been destroyed. The winds have started up again. If you have every heard of the Santa Ana Winds, that is what  they are comparing these winds to.

On a very sweet and appreciated note. My Granddaughter has offered me shelter (three hours drive) and even offered me her bed because of my bad back. She is always so sweet. She says just give her a call even if it is 3 AM in the night! I really would rather not drive that far - but hey - I would get to see those BABIES. Whatever happens I will just roll with it with my doggy, Lily in my arms.

It's late and I should go to bed.


Friday, September 11, 2015

One Hundred Degree Weather With Fires And Evacuation

I just came indoors from taking this photo and it is one o'clock, midday and this is what the sky looks like with a terrorized looking sun that is veiled in a very nasty fire and ash filled sky! In the last 24 hours I am experiencing a first in my life that has filled me with a wide spectrum of emotions.

As I alluded to a couple days ago, a large forest fire approximately 25 miles north-west from here started Wednesday afternoon on September 9, growing from 100 acres to nearly 15,000 acres in 24 hours. The fire doubled again the next 24 hours to nearly 32,000 acres. According to CAL-Fire "Fire behavior remained extreme throughout the night with rapid uncontrolled fire growth to the south and west. Suppression efforts had minimal impacts due to a high focus on structure defense. Hot and dry weather, steep topography and fuel moisture at critical low levels have resulted in extreme fire spread. Evacuation warnings have been issued for additional threatened area and more are expected." 

Last evening, when I let the dog outside I noticed a sky that was very reddish wherever I looked and the wind was blowing AND the sky was dropping grey ash and flakes.  I guess this is more than a flakes. When I first saw it I thought it was a piece of black trash bag. It is about three inches across. 
At the moment the sky is completely reddish to the point that it looks like red lights are on in the house! The photo does not show the red as much as it really is. Obviously, the air quality is terrible. This morning while I was sitting near an open window the wind was blowing and there was ash coming in through the screens.Yes, I closed the window!
A few more photos. Look at my car windshield!
Many of my friends have had to evacuate. Oh, how scary that must feel. All activities at my church are cancelled except service in the morning. The after church activities have also been cancelled.
Our church is very involved with helping ALL People especially with talking, meals and many other activities like directing them to available resources

My emotions are not really fear but tremendous concern for ALL that are associated with this serious disaster. Living alone does create it's own unique concerns.

Television has just reported the fire is now consuming 50,000 acres. This is very shocking. The entire town (2,700 pop.) of San Andreas that is the government center has mandatory evacuation. As I type this evacuation is recommended for the one side of the highway where I go to the grocery store!!!!!!!
I am very glad that I live in town instead of way out in the country. I hope I am safe!
Sorry, no proof reading today!

That's it!


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